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The most extravagant gifts that Offset has given to Cardi B (and that we all want)

Raise your hand who dies of envy with the expensive presents Cardi B receives during their birthdays (we too), so we show you why everyone talks about the most extravagant gifts that the rapper receives from her husband Offset.

Although we know that the intention is what counts, we cannot deny that we would love to receive a luxurious mansion on an island paradise on our next birthday or an impressive car, right? Well these luxurious gifts they are a reality for the artist. Recently, the famous singer celebrated her 29 years in a big way and how expected, the gifts he received were SPECTACULAR.

Despite announcing their divorce in late 2020, Cardi B and Offset decided to be a couple again, (because of their great love and sexual chemistry), a few months after separating, but the reconciliation brought with it a new member of the family, since last September 4, her first male child, who although we do not know much about the new baby in the family, we are dying to know more details Kulture’s new younger brother Kiari Cephus.

Offset’s Best Birthday Gifts for Cardi B

The singer’s most recent birthday present was neither more nor less than a one millionaire mansion in the Dominican Republic (OMG!) and although their gift cannot be wrapped in any way, the luxurious residence with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and of course, ‘infinity’ pool is located on a virgin beach to which the couple can escape whenever they want: ‘I can’t believe this! This was so amazing to me. I thought he disagreed with me and preferred to invest in other things. How wrong I was! (…) I love you so much ‘, he wrote in networks Cardi B.

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