The games ‘Battle Royale’ triumph around the world, with PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Fortnite as the most downloaded

MADRID, Feb 22 (Portaltic / EP) –

The most successful genre among mobile gamers around the world is the ‘Battle Royale’, Although the specific titles differ by continent: PUBG Mobile is the favorite in Asia and Africa, Free Fire in Latin America and Fortnite the most downloaded by Europeans.

The most downloaded Android game in 2020 in Europe was Fortnite, Epic Games title, with 5.2 million downloads. Only in Germany it accumulates 560,000 from the independent ‘market’ of Uptodown applications.

For its part, in Asia and Africa, players choose PUBG Mobile. In the Asian market, this game in its Lite version had almost 32 million downloads, of which 28.78 million were made in India. In Africa PUBG Mobile accumulates 12 million downloads, 7.35 million in Egypt.

In Latin America players prefer Free Fire (with around 13 million downloads), a ‘Battle Royale’ that does not require great technical specifications of the mobiles with which it is played.

Nevertheless, in North America the most downloaded Android game is Gacha Life, with 2.8 million downloads, of which 2.67 million are made in the United States. It is a role-playing game aimed at a more childish audience, where users create anime-style characters and interact with each other.

In Oceania the most downloaded game is Clash of Clans, from the company Supercell, with just 20,000 downloads in 2020, as reflected in the Uptodown report on Android video game downloads.

Brawl stars, also from Supercell, is one of the most downloaded for mobile devices, since in Russia and Turkey it exceeds 5 million downloads. Variation of preferences is also shown in Indonesia, where the preferred game is Sakura School Simulator, with 1.98 million downloads, and eFootball in Angola, where it achieved 20,000 downloads.

The study shows that the most downloaded genre on Uptodown worldwide is ‘Battle Royale’ and that free download games They are the most demanded by players around the world.

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