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The 12 weirdest dances and gestures in Fortnite

Aspect-based monetization systems existed long before it was launched Fortnite: Battle Royale, but it is undeniable that they had a lot to do with the massive popularity of the game.

Epic Games found the ultimate formula in skins, collecting tools, backpacks, emotes, gliders, and finally, dances. All these elements allow their players to show their personality and style in Fortnite, mainly after beating another opponent.

While the developer began to move slowly when it came to cosmetic items at the time of the game’s release, it morphed into a skin-producing powerhouse over the years. There are so many cosmetics available within the game that it is almost impossible to count them.

Most games tend to use color coding to determine the exclusivity or rarity of cosmetics or items, but gamers of Fortnite they measure it according to their availability. Even a rare dance, or blue, can be considered one of the most unique gestures in the game only because the number of players who own it is relatively low.

This availability makes gestures, like the ones on our list, a great way to show how long you’ve been playing Fortnite. Some gestures and dances owe their weirdness to their first emergence in the first few Battle Passes, while others were never available in the in-game store after their initial release.

Here are the weirdest dances and gestures in Fortnite:

Ride the pony (Pony Up)

Screengrab via Epic Games

Its name may be Ride the Pony, but you’ll be riding it is the iconic flame of Fortnite activating this gesture. Ride the Pony was added to the game in Season 10 of Chapter 1, and was obtained with the Battle Pass from Season 2.

Unless Epic decides to release a derivative version of it, it is almost impossible for this gesture to return to the in-game store.

Original floss / floss

Screengrab via Epic Games

Flossing may not be your thing, but its meaning in Fortnite makes it essential to provoke enemies.

Floss was introduced to the game during the Season 2 Battle Pass and quickly became one of the most iconic dances in Fortnite. Soccer players like Dele Alli performed the Dental Floss after scoring a goal, which shows the reach that the community of Fortnite.

Revoltoso / Rambunctious

Screengrab via Epic Games

There is always someone who refuses to dance at parties. However, once they start dancing, they do it as if the world is ending, and everyone’s jaws drop.

Revoltoso has all the moves the description above points out and was added to the game as a store item in 2018. It’s been over 800 days since this catchy dance was available, but it still has a chance to return as it didn’t belong to no battle pass.


Screengrab via Epic Games

The morning sessions of Fortnite they tend to be the most interesting. Early risers include players who missed school or work for various reasons, or who never got to sleep in the first place. It’s easy to tell if someone is sleepy by the way they play, and Fresh is the perfect dance to wake anyone up.

These steps were incorporated in 2017 and have not come to light for more than 800 days.

Organized / Tidy

Screengrab via Epic Games

If you’ve been a part of internet culture for the past two decades, then you might recognize the iconic Snoop Dogg GIF, where the rapper moves back and forth. While the Organized gesture does not come with its legendary “Drop It Like It’s Hot” theme, it recreates it excellently within the game.

However, Organized does it in a slower way, which is perfect for pesky opponents you just took down. Organized launched in 2018 and has not appeared in the in-game store again for nearly 800 days.

On the hook / On the hook

Screengrab via Epic Games

The sniper is an art form. Not everyone can have the precision necessary to hit every shot, but it is also possible to be very lucky. If you’ve been known for taking lousy sniper shots, the On the Hook emote will be perfect for sending anyone looking at you back into the room.

The hook will make your characters drop a bait to catch a fish, and even catch a large one. The celebratory pose with the fish is the last nail in your opponent’s coffin. This 2018 emote hasn’t returned to the store for over 700 days, but the good news is that you can still fish in games of Fortnite.

Crazy / Zany

Screengrab via Epic Games

The song “Dame tu cosita” will not be one of the high points of 2018, but it was popular enough to appear on social networks around the world for months. The dance routine was fun, but the melody was very repetitive.

Epic’s version of the phenomenon is definitely better, in this case, and Alocado features a similar dance to the song with a superior melody. It was launched in 2018 and has been missing for more than 730 days.

Pop and Lock

Screengrab via Epic Games

Dancing like Michael Jackson was the dream of many people.

While the melody doesn’t quite fit Michael Jackson, the Pop and Lock dance does represent his style. Released in 2018, these moves have been absent from the in-game store for over 670 days.

To dance / Dance off

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic is the master of collaborations. Marvel’s introduction to the universe Fortnite propelled the popularity of the game to unimaginable levels. Comic book characters and even movie parodies are already a daily thing in Fortnite now.

The Let’s Dance gesture features the very same dance routine that Star-Lord performs in the movies. The emote was available on the Guardians of the Galaxy set that launched in mid-2019, and it hasn’t returned in over 660 days. Considering that Epic continues its collaboration with Marvel and that there were examples of Marvel elements returning, perhaps this one will also do so in the not-so-distant future.

Saxophonist / Phone It In

Screengrab via Epic Games

Even if you are not a fan of the Eurovision music contest, it is almost impossible not to recognize Epic Sax Guy, the saxophonist from Moldova who was the highlight of the event every time his band played, and the same happens in Fortnite.

The Saxophonist gesture does not have any of its melodies, but it retains the movements. Every time you score a kill, you can launch a sax solo with this gesture. It has not been in the in-game store for almost 600 days, but it reappeared in the store more than five times before its disappearance.

Marshando / Marsh Walk

Screengrab via Epic Games

Comic book legends aren’t the only collaborations Epic has throughout the year. The developer also holds concerts in the game, which also come with gestures and skins that belong to the Icon series.

Marshando was a part of the Marshmello concert in 2019. The dance was part of the DJ set, and he hasn’t been back in the store for 580 days.

Where is Matt? / Where is Matt?

Screengrab via Epic Games

The early 2010s may have been the golden age of Internet content. One of the YouTube stars was a traveler named Matt Harding, who liked to dance with people wherever he went.

Most of his videos are mashups and edits, in which he performs a dance routine with many people while timing each move almost correctly. The “Where’s Matt?” is the tribute of Fortnite to the content creator, and was added to the game in 2019. The dance appeared once more in the in-game store before being archived, and has not been available for over 550 days.

This article was originally published in English by Gökhan ÇakırandOctober 24, 2020.



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