Sylvester Stallone shares a new look at ‘The Expendables 4’

The Mercenaries 4 It has been in full shooting since September and since then we have had the pleasure of enjoying some images of the main cast. Sylvester Stallone, who is back in this fourth installment of the crazy action saga, shared just a week ago the first official image of the shoot with Jason Statham, and a few days later we could see Megan Fox wearing the black suit to wear in his debut in The mercenaries. Almost as if it had become a tradition, Stallone returns to share a video through his Instagram.

As the actor points out in the description of the publication, the video is about a “behind the scenes” of the “new film of The mercenaries“. Regarding the name of the film, an important fact should be emphasized, and that is that, according to FilmAffinity, the new film is more of a spin-off not from the fourth installment numbered as such. The medium refers to the film as Expendables: A Christmas Story and supposedly it is about an installment centered on the character of Jason Statham. Instagram users have taken advantage of Stallone’s publication to wish him luck on the set and highlight how well he is preserved.

Stallone is still in top form

The veteran actor, who is known for his starring roles in Rocky and Rambo, appears on a motorcycle which appears to carry a modified logo of The mercenaries in your body. Stallone also wears the most casual clothes, far removed from the typical attire he wears in the saga, and pretends to drive with one hand while smoking a cigar. Of course, the actor continues to maintain an enviable type for his age and hasn’t lost a single iota of his tough-acting tough-guy appearance. Hopefully in the coming months we can see more definitive images of the film.

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