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Netflix has the best action movie with Angelina Jolie; cost 120 MILLION dollars

Since the arrival of the health crisis, more often new options arise to see contents and have entertainment via streaming.

This is because, since the persons locked themselves in their homes due to pandemic due to Covid-19, they have more free time to consume content via streaming.

Given the demand for content, various companies have joined the entertainment business through series and movies, but despite the competition, platforms such as Netflix has remained one of the favorite by users looking for entertainment without leaving home.

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That is why Netflix has established itself as one of the Business with the highest demand worldwide, this mainly because it is committed to the best film releases, from the most recent to the classics.

Netflix and its millionaire entertainment bets

It is worth remembering that since arrival From Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and now Paramount plus, the streaming giant is now looking for a way to stand out from the diversity of content offered on other platforms.

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It is precisely under this panorama that the red logo giant that was born to supplant companies like BlockBuster, has now stood out for making big bets, not only in selectivity of stories, but also in terms of investments millionaires.

This film stars Angelina Jolie. Photo: Special

A millionaire movie starring Angelina Jolie

Recently, one of the headband that has stood out due to its production millionaireSince this movie cost 120 million and was added to the Netflix catalog on October 5, it is the tape “Agent Salt”.

The high price of this production It is because it was filmed in risky places because it is a film action packed; However, its high cost is also due to the fact that it is starring by Angelina Jolie, one of the most sought-after actresses in the film mecca.

This film follows the allegiance of the officer of the INC, Evelyn Salt, an intelligent and seductive woman who all your life has been prepared for your work as researcher.

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However, one day the agent is put to the test when the they accuse of being a spy russian, and before the chaos that these accusations generate, Salt decides to run away to sort out his life.

She is forced to use her years of experience as an undercover spy to avoid capture and thus regain the security that she now lacks and that has endangered her life and the integrity of those she loves.

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