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Megan Fox and the secret fight with her mind

Megan fox became one of the most adored and demanded actresses in Hollywood in the late 2000s. It was thanks to blockbuster sagas like Transformers or titles like Jennifer’s Body, where her charisma and good presence captivated viewers around the world taking her to the top. But it was not an idyllic success, since His path to stardom was accompanied by extreme sexualization and numerous criticisms related to his physique.

This is how it has been revealed over the years. Fox put directors like Michael Bay in the spotlight or criticized how helpless the industry left her in the face of the hypersexualization she suffered in the marketing campaign of Jennifer’s Body, facts for which he even came to distance himself from acting to try to alleviate his insecurities. But no matter how long it may take, there are traumas that are very difficult to alleviate.

Megan Fox at an event in New York in September 2021 Photo: (Gotham / WireImage / Getty Images)

Megan Fox at an event in New York in September 2021 Photo: (Gotham / WireImage / Getty Images)

“I have body dysmorphia. I have many deep insecurities “The 25-year-old actress confessed in an interview with GQ Style about the effects of being subjected to so many media judgments at the beginning of her career.

“That is something I worked on a lot”, continued to remember how his fleeting takeoff in Hollywood and participate in other titles such as If it were easy, the dictator or The ninja turtles It led her to stay away from the cameras until 2019 to sort out her insecurities and problems and pause to reflect.

“I’ve done my best to try to make sense of that.”, the actress continued to tell about the comments she received sexualizing her figure. “It’s easy to feel like a victim when you go through something like that, obviously. That is your first instinct and response, but that does not serve you and it makes your life miserable, it makes you live life as a victim. Why does this happen to me?” You are constantly giving away your power “Fox wondered.

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If we remember, part of these insecurities were motivated by the alleged treatment received by Michael Bay in the filming of Transformers, an attitude that Megan Fox dared to denounce in public, even going so far as to compare the director with Adolf Hitler. It was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Program, just before the start of the recordings of Transformers 3, space in which the actress claimed that Bay wanted “Earn a reputation as a megalomaniac” So what “It was a nightmare working with him”. These statements cost him the dismissal of the franchise, although Shia La Beuf, his co-star, came to his defense, qualifying the sexualization to which he was subjected during the recordings.

“Megan developed a kind of empowerment from Spice Girl that made her feel uncomfortable working with a director many consider lewd like Michael. He films women with the attitude of a 16-year-old boy and I think Megan never felt comfortable with it.. When Mike asked him for specific positions, there was no time to be delicate, the shoot goes very fast. And Mike has no tact, he didn’t have time to ask him politely “LaBeouf said in a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Times picked up by outlets like Vulture.

In 2019, after her return to the cameras, Megan Fox felt safe to talk about the problems that kept her from Hollywood, lending herself to address the issue of her hypersexualization in a joint meeting for Entertaintment Tonight with Diablo Cody, the screenwriter of Jennifer’s Body. At that time Fox disclosed having suffered a “genuine psychological breakdown” as a result of being sexualized to the extreme in the film’s marketing campaign.. “I didn’t want to be seen. I didn’t want to have to take my picture, pose for a magazine, walk on a red carpet. I didn’t want to be seen in public at all. “, He confessed after pointing out that this sexualization and his daring to denounce it were possibly the causes of his ostracism. In addition, the actress said that even it was difficult for her to enlist the support of other women and be part of the conversation about feminism.

Returning to her last statements, Megan Fox detailed for GQ Style how her entire struggle has been in secret to face her insecurities and this body dysmorphia that she suffers from. And in fact, He confesses that the problems have helped him to grow as a person and that he does not seek any kind of revenge for what happened in the past.

“I worked to eliminate that feeling of being a victim and realize that it was a lesson.”, continued the interpreter. “It made me grow into a much more interesting human being than I would have been without it. So it gives you space to feel gratitude for something that you previously felt persecuted for.. That’s the only thing in my life that I worked a lot on, and now I feel free. “.

Fox ends his statements by repeating that “Suffered tremendously”, but that due to the reflections that he has obtained in recent years “Does not seek revenge” and you don’t even see the need for an apology. And is that right now his schedule is full of projects again, as is the case with the fourth film of The mercenaries or other titles the thriller Midnight in the Switchgrasswith Bruce Willis, the sci-fi film dawn or horror titles like Till Death. Until death do us part.

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