Leonardo DiCaprio invests in two laboratory-grown meat companies

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New York (AFP)

The American actor Leonardo DiCaprio decided to bet on two start-ups that develop meat from animal cells, Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat, investing capital in them and becoming one of their advisers.

“One of the most effective ways to fight the climate crisis is to transform our food system,” said the artist in a joint statement by the two companies.

“Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms offer new ways to meet the world’s demand for beef, while solving some of the most pressing problems in today’s industrial beef production,” he added.

DiCaprio, who is already an investor in plant-based burger, sausage and meatball company Beyond Meat, did not specify how much he will invest in the two companies.

In recent years, several startups have entered the field of cultured meat, which promises to produce animal protein with less environmental impact than intensive agriculture.

Mosa Meat is a Dutch company co-founded by Mark Post, the first to present to the public a portion of minced meat “in vitro” made with cow stem cells in 2013.

Alternative meat advocates see these companies as a critical component in tackling climate change.

Conventional livestock management is a source of greenhouse gases due to the felling of trees to make room for livestock and due to emissions from the animals themselves.

But while plant-based meat has made its way into major supermarkets, cultured meat is still at a much earlier stage of commercialization. Costs remain high, and so far only Singapore has approved the sale of these products.

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