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know what his character would be

Meryl streep is one of the great actresses of the dramatic genre and Marvel It is the largest study in terms of action genre. But, now, the question is what would happen if two icons of cinema come together to make a joint production? Well, that’s what Kevin Feige came up with and, therefore, he would already be in talks with the actress.

There is no doubt that Meryl streep He has a difficult career to achieve, but he still has a lot to try and, of course, innovate. That is why now, the proposal that you would have received from Marvel it would be the perfect excuse to put drama aside and give action, adrenaline and, of course, superheroes a shot for the first time.

According to the portal Giant Freakin Robot, Streep would be in talks with the studio to play a completely different and new character. It is no surprise that from the MCU they are moving away from the reality of the comics to create new roles and, therefore, it would not be surprising if the studio has made an offer of this type.

Apparently the character was strictly written for her. However, at the moment neither Marvel nor Meryl confirmed or denied the news. But, if it came true, it would be something totally epic and beneficial for both one and the other. Two powers in their genres united for the same work is easy to imagine, but rarely worth seeing.

And, there is no doubt that one of the few actresses who would instantly grasp the regulations of Marvel is, precisely, Meryl streep. Historically, the interpreter was characterized as one of the most histrionic and versatile in Hollywood and, the clear example of this are her 21 nominations for the Oscars or her 33 for the Golden Globes.

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