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Katy Perry in pants and top shows off her rolls with confidence

One year after becoming a mother, Katy Perry looks more beautiful than ever, focused on her family and her work.

And is that has managed to perfectly combine motherhood with her singing career, Well, it does not stop harvesting successes.

From participate in events, bring up new topics, and even your own line of footwear, the famous does not stop working.

In addition, it impacts with any outfit she wears, showing her curves, and real mommy body, inspiring women.

And is that he has not been self-conscious about his figure, which is obviously not the same as before, as is the case with all mothers, and He wears them in sexy and modern clothes.

Katy Perry shows off her rolls in top and pants

Recently the singer gave a concert and wore more beautiful and powerful than ever.

Katy wore high-cut light blue pants, which she combined with a long-sleeved top, and a round neck, tied at the waist.

With this outfit She let him see the rolls of her waist, and she did not feel self-conscious about it, on the contrary, she presented herself very comfortable and sure of herself.

So once again gave self-love and acceptance classes, and is that not all famous dare to show their reality.

But, Katy does it smoothly, and she always has, from when she was pregnant, until she gave birth, and then, she has been real and authentic.

“I love her security and confidence”, “how beautiful, always inspiring us”, “yes queen, you look great”, “you are the sexiest mom”, and “you are shining, you are a goddess”, were some of the reactions in networks .

Katy us has shown that every body is perfect and it all depends on attitude and style, Well, you can wear any garment that makes you feel comfortable.

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