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Johnny Depp fans celebrate Dior for new ad starring actor

Undoubtedly, the last four years have been difficult for Johnny Depp because of the scandalous divorce he faced, but the last two have been even more complicated because the big companies to which he belonged turned their backs on him. After being one of the most coveted stars in Hollywood, it seems that the film industry intends to disappear him little by little.

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Despite this, he continues to work, and lately he has highlighted his interest in collaborating on independent and low-budget films. But what has really upset his followers is that they fired him from big franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, where he immortalized Captain Jack Sparrow, perhaps one of his most emblematic characters; on the other hand, he found his take off in the Harry Potter universe with his short appearance in Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them – 73%, obtaining greater importance in the second installment.

Although Grindelwald’s story has not yet been told, Warner Bros. asked the actor to sign his resignation and then be replaced by Mads Mikkelsen, all with the intention of not being involved with an actor who has been singled out as a “hitter. of wives ”without yet having sufficient evidence, and that this does not damage the image of the film company. Amber Heard, meanwhile, continues her career intact, which fans consider unfair.

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But now Johnny’s fans have received a gift that they have not stopped appreciating, especially for what it means that one of his most important collaborations is shown on the actor’s side. For several years now, the protagonist of El Joven Manos de Tijera – 91% have worked hand in hand with Dior to launch a series of fragrances under their signature called Sauvage. And now, in the midst of the controversy and constant complaints, the brand has launched a video clip featuring the musician as well.

Right, in said video Johnny shares the scene with François Demachy, the perfumer behind all Dior scent creations. Together, they have conversations about what inspires them to create a new fragrance and what they want to convey. In this meeting, the actor is calm and happy at the moment of being able to smell the different fragrances, comparing them even with the magic of creating chords with a guitar, which accompanies him throughout the video.

This is the first in a series of clips that will be constantly released in keeping with the talk show style, a conversation of friends and moments to taste the perfumes that have been released, and will continue to do so, under the name of Johnny depp. At the end of the clip it is confirmed that the next one we will be able to see in September of this year. This collaboration has been celebrated by fans and below you can read their reactions accompanied by the hashtag #TankYouDior.

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From now on I would like to see new content from @Dior featured by #JohnnyDepp at least once a week (more content of course is welcome), just to see Johnny try the perfume, play the guitar, hear him speak French and, above all, to see him smile.

We will not forget that Dior supported Johnny Depp in this difficult situation while Disney and Warner Bros fired him.

Thanks @Dior for keeping you [con] #JohnnyDepp. He is kind, respectful, sincere and will never let you down. Thank you for believing in him as much as we do!

Despite attempts to end this beautiful collaboration through lies and false accusations… The campaign continues between Dior and Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp is so ethereal. I am always in awe of its stunning beauty. I also just wanted to say #ThankyouDior for always being by his side.

Retweet of a @Dior ad for #Sauvage made me want to say #thankyouDior by the blessing that is #Sauvage.

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