Jennifer Aniston details the qualities she looks for in a partner

A few weeks ago Jennifer Aniston assured that her heart is ready to fall in love. The artist, one of the most charismatic and attractive Hollywood stars on the screen, is still looking for her ideal man and the bar is very high because her exes include none other than Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, from whom she separated in 2018 At 52, he is quite clear about what he is looking for in a potential partner and what are the qualities that a man must have in order for him to notice him. Make it clear before doing this particular ranking that you don’t like dating apps, like Tinder or Raya. “I am an old school woman. I’d rather someone ask me for an appointment, “he says.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, something more than ‘friends’?

If you weren’t an actress, what would you be? Jennifer Aniston was clear when she considered leaving Hollywood


There are six characteristics that the protagonist of Friends in a conversation with Bruce Bozzi at the podcast from SiriusXM’s titled Lunch with Bruce, questions in which he fixes when he meets a suitor. They are the following: you have to be confident, but not arrogant (“Someone who knows what he wants, but does not want to impose himself” points out); he has to have a sense of humor, because “continuing to laugh is something he is not going to sacrifice”; He has to be a generous man and also kind and empathic with others; It has to be a person who stays active (“not only to maintain a good physical appearance but for health” because it ensures that she wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle while she can and that her partner does too) and that chemistry arises between both, let the conversation flow.


A time for herself

During these three years after her last separation, she took time for herself, to focus on her well-being as she had been with her for a long time. “I’ve had a continuous partner since I was 20, so it’s been great to take some time,” she said. In the program, he also explained that he is not necessarily looking to get married again, because he just has to create memories, have fun and grow old with someone. He does not need, he details, a contract to consolidate his love because it can be just as stable “without being included in a legal document.”

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Jennifer Aniston shows what was not seen from the reunion of ‘Friends’

Between 2000 and 2005, Jennifer was married to Brad Pitt and, between 2016 and 2018, to Justin Theroux, with whom she had a relationship for five years before their wedding. Since the chapters that collected the meeting of the actors of Friends, there was speculation about a possible rapprochement with David Schwimmer, Ross in Friends, with whom he starred in a love story in fiction. They admitted that for years they were in love with each other, although nothing ever happened. Jennifer herself confessed to Entertainment tonight that he found it “strange” and that he could not believe it when he learned of the rumors: “That’s my brother! But I understand it. It teaches us the hope that people have that their fantasies are fulfilled.”

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