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Jack Nicholson reveals his 23 daily habits to be happy

Jack Nicholson is one of those actors whose smile it is unforgettable. Perhaps not always for the best reasons, and that is because smile strange and wicked that gets on The glow It doesn’t look particularly enviable.

However, beyond the extraordinary characters he has brought to life, the actor is known for living in a relaxed way. And that he did not have a particularly simple childhood. Especially in relation to the story of his mother.

Over the years this happiness seems to have been accentuated. In fact, now that Jack Nicholson He is already retired, in some interviews he has acknowledged that he lives very quietly, that he attends therapy to resolve the details of his life with which he was not happy and that his favorite hobby is watching the Los Angeles Lakers play. This we already knew, and that is that the actor is one of the best known for being sports fans.

And how is it that Jack Nicholson has achieved such a state of happiness?

In the book The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence: How to Flourish in a Crazy World, writer Andy Cope mentions what the 23 are daily habits that Jack Nicholson used to be happy.

Jack Nicholson has a contagious energy

Ron Galella

  1. It resigns the idea of ​​Monday and Friday. Think that every Monday you are further from the end of your life than on Fridays. This way you will start the week with a better attitude.

  2. Keep only the clothes that you really like. Thus, dressing for every occasion will be special.

  3. Hold your loved ones for seven seconds. But don’t count, that ruins the magic. We know this is one of the first things we will do as soon as the quarantine is over.

  4. When you meet people on the street, remember to be nice. If they are very close, it is good to greet with a gesture or a hello.

  5. Speak well of the people you know. This way you will feel that people can also speak well of you.

  6. Make a list of 10 things you value and what they do to you. happyeven if you take many of them for granted.

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