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How to download Fortnite on an unsupported Android

Fortnite is a game that demands a certain level of hardware, an impediment that prevents downloading on a large number of phones. In them the game appears as not compatible; although there are ways around this hurdle, as long as the phone is not so old as to not support running Fortnite.

The best-known Battle Royale is not in the Play Store since Google removed it from the catalog after the implementation of its own shopping gateway by Epic Games, but that does not mean that it is impossible to download the game: Epic provides a comfortable launcher for it. Yes, compatibility with Android phones is limited; so it may be impossible for you to install Fortnite on yours. Believe it or not, there are alternative ways to achieve it.

Directly install the Fortnite APK instead of the installer

Fortnite Android Not Compatible

Android not compatible with Fortnite

The Fortnite installer is an Epic Games application that works as an app store. Currently it only has two games, Fortnite itself and another title from the developer, Battle Breakers (it is not available on Google Play either), but it is to be expected that sooner or later the company will expand its catalog. While that time comes, the Epic Games app is the official way to install Fortnite on Android.

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The first step to download the game to your mobile is try it through the official launcher. Access this page from your phone, click on ‘Download’, install the APK file (you must enable the installation of files in your browser) and open the new application. Then try to install Fortnite: if it is possible for you, do not continue reading. Otherwise, we will tell you how to download it on unsupported mobiles.

Fortnite Android Not Compatible

Unsupported Android that does allow forcing the installation of Fortnite

Perhaps the installer will allow you to download Fortnite even if it warns you that your mobile is not compatible. Try to force the download by clicking on ‘Continue’

You have already verified that your Android mobile cannot download Fortnite from the Epic Games installer. So let’s see how to solve this problem:

  • The first thing is to access an app that allows you to install both the Fortnite APK and part of the game data. For the task we opted for ApkPure, a repository of sufficiently reliable and quality APKs. If you install the Fortnite APK directly, you will not be able to access the game.
  • Download the ApkPure APK, run it (you may have to accept the installation permission) and open the app.
  • Deny permission to call, allows the storage (necessary to save the files) and looks for ‘Fortnite’ in the search engine; or click on this link and open it with the ApkPure app.
  • Click on ‘Install’ and the application will download the game file.
  • Accept the ApkPure files installation permission and You will already have Fortnite on your unsupported mobile.
  • Log in with your Fortnite account and start the game.
  • Fortnite will likely tell you that it is not in the latest version available. If this is the case you will have to wait for ApkPure to update the application, it does not usually take too long.
Fortnite Android Not Compatible

Installation and boot of Fortnite from ApkPure

You must bear in mind that, even if you manage to download Fortnite, that does not imply that the game works well on the phone since the minimum requirements are imposed by something: the Battle Royale is demanding in terms of specifications. Also, there is a clear barrier to compatibility: 32-bit processors cannot run Fortnite. If you have an Android mobile that is several years old, there is little you can do.

Use this system to access the Fortnite download does not carry risks on the account since the downloaded file is the original of the game.



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