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Halloween: ‘The Squid Game’ and other star costumes of 2021 | Big Bang

Halloween It is just around the corner. One more year on the night of October 31, we will get the costumes for the scariest party of the year. An event that coincides with an improvement in the health situation regarding the pandemic and with a decrease in restrictions, including the opening of dance floors in many cities. Precisely for these reasons, everything indicates that it will be one of the most anticipated nights of the season.

If there is something that cannot be missing on Halloween, it is the costumes. From the classics such as witch or ghost, to the newest such as the one that aims to be the most repeated costume of the Day of the Dead this year: any of The Squid Game. Because, as Cristina Zavala already explained in this LOS40 article, you can choose between being one of the players with the typical green tracksuit, one of the workers in the red jumpsuit, or even the sinister “Green Light, Red Light” doll that is going around the world. All of them, by the way, available on Amazon.

1. The Paper House

With the trailer for the second part of the fifth season just released, everything indicates that the red monkeys will be divided between those who want to be members of The Professor’s band and those who have declared themselves fans of the South Korean series of the moment. Everything points to what Dalí’s masks will continue to be the most popular in Halloween 2021.

2. Cruella

The live action of the villain of the 101 Dalmatians made by Emma Stone It has been one of the star films of this year and, taking into account the evil that Cruella de Vil gives off and how relatively easy it is to get the costume, we will possibly see a lot of Dalmatian inspiration on October 31 as at the time it happened with Maleficent (another one that never fails).

3. Scream

A cinema classic that is renewed just in time for this Halloween. After the trailer for the new movie has been released, we are sure that we are going to see a lot of ghosts.

4. The Purge

Continuing with the premieres of this year that, predictably, will inspire Halloween costumes 2021 we cannot stop looking at The purge. A film that is already considered a current horror classic and that last May premiered its last part: The Infinite Purge. In addition, a terrifying mask will suffice, an element of props with which to unleash “your objective” and, little else!

The purge / Unsplash / Marcus Lenk

5. Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

The Met Gala looks are always an event in themselves, but if there was one that this year left their mouths open and was the subject of all kinds of memes, it was Kim kardashian. Dressed as a kind of “faceless woman” or “shadow woman”, this option is, to say the least, intriguing.

Halloween costumes from movies that never fail

There are costumes that always work well, whatever time passes. A field where horror cinema continues to offer a wide range of possibilities,

Pennywise or devilish clown in general

Clowns scare many more people than you would imagine and if we are talking about the protagonist of Item, the night gets much more terrifying if possible.


After in 2019 Joaquin phoenix made a superb interpretation of Batman’s most iconic villain, the Joker costume took an absolute role and, even in Halloween 2021 we believe that it can continue to be a good option to rescue from the closet.

Harley quinn

If Joker is a star costume for October 31, Harley Quinn wasn’t going to be left behind. In fact, she is one of the most successful comic book characters among girls.

Movie classics

Freddy Krueger, Dracula, Wednesday or Morticia Addams, twin girls from The Shining, Jack Skeleton (Nightmare Before Christmas), Chuky The Devil Doll, Voldemort, Predator, Jason Friday the 13th, among a very long etcetera are some of the options among the terrible bad guys of the cinema that are always a good option as a Halloween costume.

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