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Fortnite: when and what will the Battle Royale patch 18.21 bring | Epic Games | Mexico | Spain | SPORTS-PLAY

They follow expectations about what will come to Fortnite in the next few dates. Patch 18.20 was not to the liking of the community, as the added material did not satisfy the most demanding players. However, the developer Epic Games would be preparing the best additions for update 18.21

The data miner HYPEX He posted on Twitter several data about what would happen on the map with the new patch 18.21. The patch is estimated to be released next week, Tuesday, October 19.

HYPEX He adds that one of the possible contents of the patch would have to do with a new location that would consist of a city made up of cubes. Also, the purple cubes on the map would come to the center and will be the location for a mini event.

HYPEX commented on future Fortnite changes
HYPEX commented on future Fortnite changes

How true is all this information? This data comes from a leaker, so there is nothing official about what will come to Fortnite in the coming days. Therefore, rumors already tell about the future appearance of Spider-Man and Naruto. Until there is nothing official, it only remains to wait until further notice from Epic Games.

FORTNITE | Maps inspired by “The Squid Game”

Red light green light

As the name suggests, players should walk when the light is green and stop when it turns red on this map. The goal is to pass the robot before time runs out. Players will be eliminated if they move during the red light. Map Code: 6796-5852-0804

The glass bridge

The Glass Bridge minigame is certainly a challenge, because the participants can only rely on their luck. 16 players are assigned random numbers and must cross the bridge before time runs out.

With each step, a glass of the bridge breaks. Jumping on the wrong glass will cause players to fall and be eliminated. Map Code: 2865-1481-0812

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