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Fortnite has a map of the Azteca Stadium, and you can play on it

ANDl Fortnite Creative Mode is planned to bring out the best in players’ imaginations. While some use it as a training ground for tryhards of the future looking to build a condo in 3 seconds, others use it to create cute and ingenious islands, like Mexico in Fortnite.

This project seeks to recreate iconic locations across the country to turn into combat maps in which you can play the battle-royale. They already have the Minerva of Guadalajara, the Capital Zocalo, Chichen Itza And now, someone from his community clearly Americanist recreated the Colossus of Santa Úrsula with luxury of detail.

Azteca Fortnite Stadium

That is attention to detail and not pieces.Epic Games / Mexico in Fortnite

How to play at the Azteca Stadium in Fortnite?

If you’ve never entered Creative Mode, this option is available from the beginning of the game, when you can choose between Save the World, Country Battle and Creative Mode. Once you enter there, you must enter the Stadium Island Code: 4942-1170-6915 and wait a bit for pairing.

Every time you create a map, it allows you to choose the number of participants and objectives. In the case of the Azteca Stadium it is a pitched battle where the map changes is restricted in each of its 11 rounds of play. During the first round, for example, you are given a “5 minute warm-up” in which you can explore the map.

Azteca Fortnite Stadium

In case you are interested in knowing the map. This is the creative mode screen.Epic Games / Mexico in Fortnite

But from the second you will see that the terrain has been limited, both to the sides and upwards. Bad place to practice building, but good to test your aim. Plus, with less than thirty players allowed in the game, Estadio Azteca sounds like a pretty fun place to go in with your friends.

Other maps of Mexico in Fortnite

You can visit the social networks of Mexico in Fortnite (mainly on Facebook) and support them with your Creator code “Madamzazu“(If you don’t know what it is, it is a code that you enter in the Fortnite Store so that the creator receives a reward every time you make a purchase).

Azteca Stadium in Fortnite

Now it will reach you to enter the boxes.Epic Games / Mexico in Fortnite

If you want to try other maps of the project, we leave you a list:

  • CUCEA (University of Guadalajara): 5498-4332-8401
  • Downtown Guadalajara: 2034-5525-2160
  • The Minerva: 1389-2453-8042
  • Andares Shopping Center: 9711-4399-6510
  • El Zócalo Capítalino (CDMX): 9553-8129-4855
  • The Macroplaza (Monterrey): 6595-3432-5126
  • Chichen Itza: 0313-7796-5621
Azteca Fortnite Stadium

Greetings, Mexico in Fortnite.Epic Games / Mexico in Fortnite

From Gamer Nation, We send a congratulation to this project and hopefully they give us more famous places in our country in it (they lack the Angel, Teotihuacán, the port of Veracruz, and any place in Guanajuato). What place in Mexico would you like to see recreated in Fortnite?



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