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Fortnite already has its own Squid Game available – How to play it?

The Squid Game has already become one of the most popular series of the moment and the series with the most watched premiere in the history of Netflix, something that has not gone unnoticed at all by the huge community of gamers of Netflix. Fortnite Battle Royale. And it is that, curiously, in the game of Epic Games it has been designed a Creative mode map which is already causing a sensation among fans of the Korean series, since thanks to it the players we can recreate the intense games seen in the series, but this time within the Battle Royale. If you too do you want to participateThen we will tell you how you can join this map in Creative mode and what is its code.

The Squid Game in Fortnite – How to play the Creative mode map

Fortnite’s Creative mode map based on the Squid Game series has been created and designed by PWR and in order to access it, we only have to follow these steps:

  • At selection menu Fortnite access mode Battle royale.
  • In the mode tab Creative, go to the section “Island code”.
  • Enter the following code for the Squid Game map “8443-5747-3271”.

And voila, done this you can access to the Squid Game in Fortnite. Although this is not an official game mode designed by Epic Games, it must be said that the Fidelity and the work with which this map has been created are worthy of admiration. The map is valid for a maximum of 30 simultaneous players And, as in the series, different tests are proposed to us in which the players are eliminated until only one is left standing.

List of games on the Squid Game map

List of games on the Squid Game map

As we say, this map based on the Squid Game (or Squid Game in English) is very faithful to the Korean Netflix series, so fans will quickly recognize its different tests. Of the games that we can enjoy we have the following:

  • Red Light, Green Light: you have to run to the other side of the stage, but you can only move when the background lights are green. If you move with the red light, you are eliminated.
  • The Cookie Game (Honeycombs): you have to shoot with the ray gun at all the targets without leaving the silhouette and before the time limit expires.
  • Night Fight: You have to eliminate the rest of the players fighting only with the pickaxe.
  • Tug-Of-War: you have to shoot the targets faster than the other team.
  • Marbles (Marbles): you have to guess between odd or even.
  • The glass steps (Stepping Stones): you have to walk across a bridge trying to guess which rung is safe and which is not.
  • The Squid Game: you have to push the rest of the players to get them out of the area.

Fun is more than assuredBut, will you be able to go all the way and become the only winner of the Squid Game?

Remember that you can visit our complete guide to know the best tips and tricks and overcome all the challenges of the season with ease. Fortnite is a Battle Royale that is free for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch and devices Android, you can read our review.



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