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Eva Green contacts Vincent Cassel

Both will share the screen with Peter Mullan and Thierry Frémont, among others. Created and written by Virginie Brac (Engrenages), directed by Stephen Hopkins, responsible for feature films such as The demons of the night, and numerous series chapters, such as 24. He himself serves as an executive producer for Ringside Studios and Leonis Productions.

It will be the streaming platform’s first production shot in French. “Apple TV + will certainly make a big impact when Liasion (which roughly translates to “contact”) appears on the streaming service. With a great cast and an equally experienced team, it could be one of the best shows on Apple’s list and we are excited for it to premiere, “the official statement said.

At the moment, not many details of the plot have been given, except that it will be “a contemporary and fast-paced thriller that will explore how the mistakes we made in the past have the power to destroy our future,” according to the official synopsis. “It will combine action with an unpredictable plot and with various readings, in which espionage and political intrigue will be intertwined with a love story. No details have been given of the roles that Eva Green and Vincent Cassel will play.

Seen in recent years in titles such as Next and Dumbo, Eva Green premiered the series a year ago The luminairesby HBO. He achieved his greatest success in the series arena with Penny dreadful. He has just shot a new version of “The Three Musketeers”, in which he plays Milady, the famous villain in the novels of Alexandre Dumas. There he also coincides with Vincent Cassel, who plays Athos. In recent times, this popular French actor has appeared in Westworld.

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