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All about Leave the World Behind, the new thriller with Julia Roberts to premiere on Netflix

Oscar winners Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali will star in Leave the world behind film based on the novel by Rumaan Alam and will be directed by Sam Esmail, the creator of the series Mr Robot and Homecoming, where I work with Roberts. The film will premiere in Netflix, sometime in 2022.

As reported by Deadline, Mahershala Ali has taken on a role that was originally going to be played by Denzel Washington. The winner of two Oscars for best supporting actor (for Moonlight and Green book) will star alongside Roberts in this story that follows in the footsteps of a married couple who go on vacation to a remote corner of Long Island with their teenage children.

The conflict recounted in Rumaan Alam’s novel, which was published in October last year, begins when the owners of the house they have rented return terrified after a sudden blackout in the city. Without television, internet or mobile phone, the two families are forced to resolve the situation. A plot that will address issues such as race, social class and parenthood.

Stay by my side, the Julia Roberts film that critics stoned but became a Netflix hit

What is it about stay by me? “It tells the story of Isabel, a successful photographer who begins dating a divorced man and two children. Although her relationship with him is extraordinary, Isabel will have to deal with the children of her new partner, who will do everything possible to complicate her life so that they feel desolate and cut the relationship as soon as possible. This is because neither of them accepts another woman other than their mother, Jackie, a person who has left a great mark on both of them because they always who are together feel fully protected and encouraged. However, the role of the protagonist will be to try to conquer the two little ones with their own weapons, being aware at all times that it will not be an easy mission to fulfill due to their peculiar and somewhat irritating character in certain cases. instants “, reads the official synopsis.

Released in 1998 the film directed by Chris Columbus, who made two adaptations of the saga Harry Potter, and starring Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Ed Harris, Jena Malone and Liam Aiken, stay by me it was a hit at the box office: they grossed $ 159 million, with a budget of $ 50 million. What the sister did with the controversy Deadly machines it was the terrible reviews that it received from the press. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 46% approval rating and they made it clear: “Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon are not enough to save a story whose manipulations dilute the effectiveness of a potentially affecting drama.” Metacritic gave it a rating of 58/100 and on IMDb it has a score of 6.8 / 10.

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