Adam McKay claims comedian Chris Farley was “clearly in pain” before his death at the age of 33

Chris Farley was one of the big starss of the world of comedy in the United States and his interventions in ‘Saturday night Live‘They remained in the memory of the entire public, like his character Matt Foley.

Unfortunately the actor was going through a very complicated stage in his life in which started using drugs and have dangerous tendencies, something that ended up being deadly. Chris died in December 1997 at the age of 33 from an overdose and left behind a legendary comic legacy.

But, despite the fact that in front of the cameras no one suspected the suffering that Chris had, it seems that Adam McKay, his partner on ‘Saturday Night Live’, it was clear to her that Farley’s regret was more than visible. McKay has remembered how were your colleague’s last appearances on the show: “He was clearly suffering“, he begins saying.

And to this he adds: “But he was such a sweet person, that he still had that big heart that was eager to please the rest. What you really see is that he was someone who was suffering a lot and I was trying desperately to deal with that pain“.

In addition, Adam recalled what his loss meant to his teammates: “We all thought, ‘We have lost someone who gave us so much joy and he should have had her‘”.

‘Don’t Look Up’ is the next film to be directed by Adam McKay

Adam McKay adds and continues with new projects and the next film he is going to direct is no small feat. ‘Don’t look up’ will be his next job and in it he will gather almost the entire firmament of Hollywood, having Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence or Timothée Chalamet.

‘Don’t Look Up’ will tell the story of Kate Dibiasky, Jennifer Lawrence, an astronomy graduate student, and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, Leonardo DiCaprio, make an astonishing discovery: there is a comet orbiting in the solar system. The problem? Which is on a direct collision course with Earth. The other problem? That nobody cares. Seemingly warning humanity about a planet-killer the size of Everest is awkward.

The film has confirmed its release for next December 24, both in theaters and on Netflix.

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