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A mistake by Bill Murray made Jack Nicholson become the protagonist of the ‘remake’ of ‘Toni Erdmann’ – movie news

The German film nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Language Film was released on January 20.

The last time we saw Jack Nicholson on the big screen it was in the romantic comedy How do you know if … seven years ago and we have even come to think that the American actor had retired from the world of cinema. Now we know that will star in the ‘remake’ of Toni Erdmann thanks to a little oversight from Bill Murray.

Murray has revealed in an interview with CNBC that actress Kristen Wiig (Ghostbusters, The sausage party) proposed to take a look at the script of the ‘remake’ of Toni Erdmann because she herself participates in the film giving life to the protagonist’s daughter. Unfortunately, the actor admits that it is somewhat messy and that for a while lost the document. When Murray realized his mistake and wanted to respond to Wiig’s proposal to star in the ‘remake’, she informed him that Jack Nicholson had already taken the role.

Paramount Pictures has secured the rights to the German film Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film. Toni Erdmann It premiered on January 20 and tells how InĂ©s’s father tries to introduce fun and hedonism into the life of his daughter, who always seems busy with her professional career. You can see the trailer on these lines.

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