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Xbox Cloud Gaming, leaves Fornite out at the request of Epic

Xbox Cloud Gaming, will lose the battle royale, Fornite because Epic Games has denied Microsoft the ability to use Fortnite via the streaming service, originally known as (xCloud), according to a new statement released as part of the Epic case against Manzana.

The news arose thanks to the Epic games trial against Apple, where indicated, in the statement given during the interrogation of Joe kreiner, Epic’s vice president of business development, the decision not to make Fortnite available on Xbox Cloud Gaming is a deliberate choice by the company, seeing Microsoft’s xCloud service as competition for its PC offerings.

Epic sees direct competition on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Joe kreiner, Vice President of Business Development at Epic, was asked why Fortnite is not available on xCloud and confirmed that it was a deliberate choice. “We saw Microsoft’s efforts with xCloud to be competitive with our PC offerings“, He says Kreiner in the statement. The court document makes it appear that Kreiner can continue to explain, but no further details of the case were released. In short, behind the choice of Epic would be the same reasons that pushed the company into the legal dispute with Apple. Meanwhile, the beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC continues.

Currently, the only way to access Fortnite on devices ios it is through NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service. Epic has collaborated with the company led by Jensen Huang to launch the famous Battle Royale on its cloud platform along with other exclusive games from the Epic Games Store. The particular structure of GeForce NOW allows Epic to collect the winnings of the game without going through an external store. This is probably the main reason why Fortnite is not currently available on Xbox Cloud Gaming, in this case the earnings from the game would be shared with Microsoft, who would retain a share.



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