Wonder Woman comes to the Epic game

It no longer surprises anyone that Fortnite manage to bring very interesting skins to your game constantly. There are representatives from all sides of the entertainment within this game, from Rick and morty until Marvel and going through Street fighter, no doubt Fortnite It is one of the most important crossovers today.

But now what Superman is already in the game, now we can find Wonder woman, which completes the trio of iconic DC heroes within this battle royale.

“Starting August 19 at 7 pm MEX / 9 pm ARG, players will be able to find the Attire Wonder woman in the Item Shop. His entire set includes the Slider Golden Eagle Wings, peak Athena’s War Ax, the loading screen DC trinity, and the Retro Backpack Diana’s mantle. The outfit also has a Variant Armored. “

But that’s not all, because from August 18 you can participate in the Wonder Woman Cup, where you can unlock things ahead of time through different challenges in which you can participate.

“On August 18, the players of Fortnite will have a chance to win the Outfit Wonder woman and the Retro Backpack Diana’s mantle before they reach the Item Shop. In duos they will have to compete in 10 games to score as many points as possible. “

If you are interested in knowing much more about the rules of this Wonder Woman Cup, then we leave you all the information in this link so that you do not miss unlocking everything.

Miguel Bravo is editor of IGN Latin America. Lover of everything that comes from Japan, video games and good stories. Engineering student in animation and the Japanese language. You can follow him on social networks like @DetectiveMike

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