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What is a United Hearthstone questline in Stormwind? – NewsVideogames

Blizzard has revealed the second expansion for the year 2021 of Hearthstone, United in Stormwind. This will be the second set in the Year of the Griffin, happening Forged in the Wastes.

United in Stormwind is bringing two new mechanics to Hearthstone: Tradeable and Questlines. Between the two new keywords, the Questlines are similar to the previous Quests and Sidequests that were introduced in Travel to Un’goro and Descent of dragons.

Questlines are comparable to Quests from Journey to Un’goro in that they both start on your starting hand and take away a mulligan slot. However, unlike the original missions, the mission lines require multiple steps to complete and you will need to complete the process three times.

The first two times you complete the same requirements, you will get a small reward. Upon completing the quest line, you gain a powerful minion representing the new mercenaries introduced in Forged in the Wastes, which provide a powerful effect.

The initial reveal stream also said that each class will get a quest line in this expansion, but only the wizard and warlock quest lines were teased today.

Players can now log in Hearthstone and get Flightmaster Dungar for free. Players who are excited for United in Stormwind Either by purchasing the standard package, which has 60 packages for $ 49.99, or get access to Lady Katrana Prestor and Ve’nari Alternate Battlegrounds Bartender through the Mega Bundle and 80 packages for $ 79.99.

United in Stormwind It is scheduled to go live on August 3.

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