what happened to the original cast of the horror movie

The fifth sequel will be released in 2022. Instagram @horror_movie_news.

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The fifth sequel will be released in 2022. Instagram @horror_movie_news.

The horror genre includes among its classics the movie “Scream,” which debuted in 1996. It was such a success that three sequels and a spinoff were produced for television, making the title one of the audience’s favorites.

2022 will be the year in which the new film is released that follows the nightmare of several high school youth who must fight against a masked serial killer known only as “Ghostface.” The story is based on a series of real-life youth murders in Florida. Here we tell you what happened to the original cast of this blockbuster, regarding the first trailer for the new film.

The main role of “Scream” was primarily intended for Drew Barrymore, one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. He was eventually played by Neve Campbell, known for the role of Julia on the original Fox series, “Party of Five.”

The Canadian has stood out in several projects both on television and on streaming platforms. She starred in the Netflix political thriller House of Cards, as well as guest starring on several shows such as “Medium” and “Mad Men.” He will play the starring role in the film “Clouds” based on the life of American pop singer Zach Sobiech, which is being prepared by Disney Plus.

Actress Drew Barrymore finally decided to reject the lead of the film and stay with the little character of “Casey Becker”, one of the first victims of the serial killer. Later, she admitted herself that she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and play a different role. “I loved that he actually went crazy and cheeky,” he told EW.

The remembered girl from “ET, the alien”, resurfaced from her own personal drama and regained a successful career in Hollywood with titles such as “Charlie’s Angels” and “As if it were the first time.” He also surprised with a double role, Candy Black and Paula, in the popular series on Netflix, “Changing roles.”

The remembered “Monica Geller” from the popular series Friends demonstrated her versatility with this key character in the horror story. The reporter works for the newscast called “Top Story” and before the series of murders she returns to Woodsboro, with the aim of catching GhostFace. In this fifth installment, he will once again share credits with his ex-partner, also an actor, David Arquette.

Cox showed off during the recent reunion of the most famous friends on television, Friends. In this special program he remembered the moments of the most iconic character of his career. He was also seen in the films The Runner, 3000 Miles to Graceland and The Shrink Is In, and acted alongside Adam Sandler in the hit Bedtime Stories ”.

The actor returns in Scream 5 as Sheriff Dewey Riley, who seeks to catch the criminal behind the Woodsboro youth deaths. It is the fourth time that the famous participates in the horror story becoming one of the key characters from beginning to end.

Arquette has excelled both on television and on film. He played Drew Barrymore’s older brother on the romantic comedy “Never Kissed” and also on the ABC series “In Case of Emergency,” opposite Jonathan Silverman and Kelly Hu.

The Scream 5 film, however, will not be directed by Wes Craven, considered an icon of horror cinema, who passed away in 2015. Cox pointed out that this film cannot be considered a sequel since it is very different from the others, quoted Us Magazine. “It’s modern, it’s scary, it’s just a new scream. It is not a reboot, it is not a remake, “he insisted.

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