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We tested the cast iron HearthStone Cookware, made in Cantabria and with a lifetime guarantee

Cast iron is not particularly attractive; It sounds old-fashioned, looks dated, weighs a lot, and isn’t exactly cheap. And despite everything, it is returning to our kitchens stronger than ever. Faced with the French refinement of Le Creuset or Staub, the Cantabrian firm HearthStone Cookware is betting on the cast iron with utensils made in Spain They offer the same lifetime warranty.

On Direct to the Palate we are great defenders of this material, despite the fact that it does not work miracles and that it also has its cons. Accustomed in recent decades to more, let’s say, friendly utensils, going back to something so rustic and unwieldy can be frustrating for many, so it is convenient to know their particularities of use and limitations.


Among its great advantages is the ability to reach and maintain high temperatures, distributing the heat evenly throughout its surface, and its enormous versatility. They can be used on any heat source, including direct fire and the oven at maximum temperature, and it is an ideal material to enhance the Maillard reaction. As used, it allows for very crisp exteriors with juicy interior textures, and lidded utensils retain moisture wonderfully.

Cocottes, pots or casseroles, are more expensive than pans and also more bulky, but there is no better traditional utensil to make stews, sauces, stews, stews, stews, soups or broths, in the way of a lifetime. To these traditional dishes, fried, sautéed and roasted are added, with the possibility of baking magnificent breads, among many other uses.

Dutch oven or cocotte, the casserole that every kitchen should have: how to choose it, how to take care of it and 23 recipes to release it

After many years using a classic Le Creuset cocotte, small in size, we are now testing the bet of the Spanish firm HearthStone Cookware, which stands out slightly with its own line of utensils that offer some interesting news In the design.

Initial impressions

We receive the pot in a simple and functional box in which the perfectly packaged pot fits making the most of space, well protected but without excess packaging, with a mere cardboard that separates the lid from the body and protects the upper handle. No instructions, user manual or starter recipe book; at the end of the day, we are looking at a pot of a lifetime, not a device full of buttons.


The first sensations taking out the cocotte are more than positive, when checking the robustness of the same, its remarkable weight and the finishes of both pieces, with that pleasant rough texture of cast iron that, in my personal opinion, is more pleasant than the extreme smooth of other models.

It is a bulky pot, of 26 cm diameter, with a remarkable height and a total weight that exceeds six and a half kilos. It will not be easy to make a hole in a closet already crowded with utensils, and it would not be very advisable to take it to the heights due to the danger involved in making sudden movements up due to its weight. At home we decided, for now, to give it a fixed place on the stove. And so we will give it much more use.

Main features

As we have already pointed out, this cocotte is made of cast iron in a natural black color, with a satin enamel coating that preserves that rough and rustic texture, but warm to the touch. This treatment prevents rust, facilitates cleaning and reinforces the durability and resistance of the pot, adding a slight non-stickness that also saves us from having to apply any previous treatment, curing or greasing.


With thick walls and large and resistant handles, the cocotte also stands out for the shape of the lid, with a proprietary design of the patented brand that has been baptized as turning system Helix Dripless Lid, or “no-drip helix cover.”

By placing the lid on a flat surface we check what the invention consists of, as it stays “dancing”, without leaning firmly. The profile of the lid is slightly helical, in such a way that, depending on how it is placed, it remains totally closed or leaving a gap open. The edge of the cocotte has a curved outline, to fit the lid perfectly when the circular mark is placed in front of one of the handles, which point gently upwards.

Cocotte 3

Thus, by turning the lid from the upper knob, we can open the pot so that the steam escapes before removing it completely, avoiding the typical drips that are produced with this type of casserole. When we turn the lid we see that it is dotted with small projections, points of distribution of the condensation that drip onto the food.


Body material

Cast iron with satin enamel interior

Cap material

Cast iron with stainless steel handle



Base diameter

26 cm

Body weight

4.7 kg

Cap weight

2 kg

Total weight

6.7 kg

Number of diners



5.2 l

Maximum temperature


Cooking sources

Ceramic, induction, glass ceramic, gas, radiant, open fire and oven


Dishwasher safe

HearthStone Cookware - Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte Pearl, Satin Black, 26 cm, 5.2 l.  For All Surfaces, including Induction and Oven.

HearthStone Cookware – Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte Pearl, Satin Black, 26 cm, 5.2 l. For All Surfaces, including Induction and Oven.

Daily cooking with the iron cocotte


Throughout the two months that the cocotte has been at home, we have been able to put it to the test with all kinds of preparations, thinking more about everyday uses and traditional recipes of the day to day. After a simple preliminary wash with soap and water – a routine step before using any kitchen gadgets – we started with a standard homemade tomato sauce, taking advantage of the size to cook more and freeze.

It is a pleasure to make a stir-fry on quality cast iron, because once the material is heated we can maintain a constant medium-low temperature letting the vegetables caramelize without overcooking or burning. Once all the ingredients are inside, putting the lid on and with the power to minimum you can almost forget letting the sauce or a meat stew cook slowly.

Roast Chicken Cocotte

It is an ideal utensil for combine fire and oven, essential for lovers of roasts and stews of tougher meats. The baked chicken with vegetables comes out spectacular, first browning all the ingredients to mark and bring out the flavors, and letting them roast with their own juices in the oven, without splashing, maintaining the juiciness.

The nickname “Dutch oven” of these pans is not in vain, since they create a kind of sauna inside that distributes heat evenly, prevents it from escaping and maintains humidity. At the end you just have to remove the lid and reduce or gratin the time necessary to obtain the desired point, for example leaving the skin of the chicken crispy.


The same advantages can be applied to bread baking, another must-see preparation for those who have these cocottes at home. You just have to be careful when handling it, as it is necessary to previously heat the pot itself to maximum temperature before placing the bread dough inside, first cooking it with the lid, and then letting it brown with the pot open.

The only drawback of these cocottes derives from their own advantages, since weight can be a problem for those who are not used to it. Let’s also remember that this weight can increase a lot when filling it with ingredients. Cleaning also becomes a bit cumbersome if the sink is small; Although they are dishwasher safe, they take up too much space for a small one, and cleaning them by hand is always more reliable.


Yes indeed, dirt comes off very easily with a normal soap and a simple scouring pad that does not scratch delicate materials – that is, no aluminum nanas. In this sense, it must be remembered that kitchen utensils should be avoided. metallic or sharp to manipulate the interior, and you never have to put a mixer inside.

In conclusion

As declared proponents of cast iron in the kitchen, we cannot but recommend the cocottes de HearthStone Cookware, once we have verified that they fulfill what they promise and more, thanks to the design of the lid that adds extra points. The not having to apply any previous treatment, and that it offers some non-stickiness, it is also appreciated, and much more invites to use it frequently.


The entry size may seem somewhat large for households with two people; However, from our own experience, we recommend betting on a few generous dimensions since it is much more worth taking advantage of and cooking more quantity; And just being able to make a whole roast chicken with its garnish or a good loaf of bread is worth it. Leftovers can always be frozen, and our future selves will appreciate it.

The biggest disadvantage that you always back out of these products is the price, but you have to look at it as a long-term investment, since it is the type of utensil that, really, your grandchildren will inherit, since they have lifetime warranty. In addition, it is cheaper than the more similar cocotte of Le Creuset, and with the difference that They are manufactured in Spain hand in hand with the Hergóm Group.

HearthStone Cookware - Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte Pearl, Satin Black, 26 cm, 5.2 l.  For All Surfaces, including Induction and Oven.

HearthStone Cookware – Enameled Cast Iron Cocotte Pearl, Satin Black, 26 cm, 5.2 l. For All Surfaces, including Induction and Oven.

If we have a space in the kitchen and we are looking for a really versatile pot that raises the quality of our dishes, which we will never have to renew again if we take minimal good care of it, it is an expense that is worth it. It will hardly be forgotten in a closet as it usually happens with so many kitchen appliances.

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