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This cyberpunk city in Fortnite is one of the most impressive constructions made through Creative Mode

Creativity. That is the word that defines many of the titles that we can play today, in which we have total freedom of action to define our world and our adventure. And one of the great tools in this regard is Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

Epic Games’ work is attended by an absurd number of players every day and of course, there is always more than one artist among them. However, user FiveWalnut8586 is extremely talented. Through a thread on Reddit and a subsequent video on YouTube, he has shown us the huge cyberpunk city which he has shaped in the battle royale.

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50 hours of work translated into two weeks of placing walls, floors and a multitude of elements to give them shape and achieve the appropriate result. A huge construction, which is surprising that “only” had to invest this time, when anyone would think it would take much longer.

Do you want to take a walk through it? FiveWalnut8586 has shared the code to enter it in Fortnite and get you to enjoy. It is as follows: 8521-2056-8182. Another example of enormous work that we have seen recently is everything that goes into making a Super Mario Bros. speedrun condensed into a single video.

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