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They started dating in 2016, they keep a low profile and the age difference does not affect them – Revista Para Ti

The actor met her when she was an 11-year-old girl as she was Al Pacino’s stepdaughter for more than a decade, when the star was related to Lucila Polak. A few long years later, life found them again … from another place.

That of Leonardo Dicaprio (46) and Camila morrone (24) is one of the couples that has attracted the most public attention in recent times. Is that this story (without love overtones at that time) began in 2011 when the actor was 33 years old and she was a girl of 11. They met because she is the daughter of Lucila Polak, the Argentine actress who dated Al Pacino for more than ten years. Everything remains in Hollywood.

After having several relationships, The press captured him with Morrone leaving the actor’s home in Los Angeles in 2016. The silence of both was something that prevailed, always keeping a low profile. But the truth is that they were showing more and more together: participated in Ellen DeGeneres’ 40th birthday and they were seen during a vacation in Colorado, at which point the romance was confirmed.

An afternoon at the beach in California.

For 2018 the relationship seemed to be very solid since they could be seen hugging and kissing on the public highway as part of a romantic dinner in West Hollywood. The funny thing is that until that moment Camila had never uploaded a photo with her partner, although he maintained an active life on social networks.

Word from an authorized source

“Leo never loved anyone like that and is ready to have children. Camila also loves being surrounded by children and would like to have children with him, although she wants to get married first, because she cares about traditions “A close friend of the actor told the US Weekly newspaper when the rumor circulated at the end of 2019 that they had gotten engaged.

The official presentation to the press

At the Academy Awards.

Although the photos of them together were already known, they were always shots taken by the paparazzi. The first time DiCaprio and Morrone attended an event with press coverage was last year at the Academy Awards, since he was nominated for his work on the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

The first and only time she spoke to the press about her romance with the actor

“There are many relationships in Hollywood -and in the history of the world- where there are very large age differences. I believe that everyone should go out with whoever they want “, Camila said in dialogue with the Los Angeles Times.

In the interview, she understood the attention the romance generated and said: “Probably, it would also seem curious to me. I understand that they do it, but I hope it stops being a debate.”

More and more I believe that as people are watching the movie, I am slowly gaining an identity of my own. Which is frustrating, because I feel like they should have always recognized my identity regardless of who you’re dating. I understand the association, but I am sure that it will be less and less a topic of conversation ”, he closed.

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