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They arrest the children of a PRD deputy with a weapon in Quintana Roo

Solidarity.- Two sons of the elected deputy of the PRD, Miguel Torres, were detained in possession of a weapon during a check in Carmen beach, Quintana Roo, what the politician attributed to a misunderstanding.

According to the first reports, the children of the deputy elected in Zacatecas were accompanied by another person when they were arrested in possession of a 9-millimeter firearm loaded with bullets.

According to local media, the young people traveled aboard a Mazda car, with Campeche license plates, on the road that leads to El Tintan, until they reached a checkpoint.

Among the detained PRD’s children is Zaid Torres, known for having led various movements of young people of the PRD in Zacatecas.

After the news was released, the elected deputy of the PRD, Miguel Torres placeholder image, went out to clarify the situation, ensuring that the gun was not their children’s.

Through his social networks, the legislator confirmed that his children traveled on vacation to Quintana Roo invited by a friend from Yucat√°n, who works as lieutenant of the National Guard.

Said friend lent them a vehicle to go to the municipality of Solidaridad, where Playa del Carmen is located.

However, the lieutenant left a firearm in the car under his charge without the PRD’s children being aware, which was found by municipal agents during a security checkpoint.

The deputy assured that after the ownership and registration of the weapon was clarified, his children were released without criminal action against them, after which they returned to Zacatecas.

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“We appreciate the attention of the media, family and friends. My family and I have always been and will always be respectful of the Law, the institutions and the rule of law,” concluded Miguel Torres.

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