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The new Ferrari also in video games. You can now drive the 296 GTB in Fortnite

Admit it, if you like video games it is normal that you have thrown, even if it was only one game, Fortnite, one of the most played titles in recent years in which we have found dozens of winks to numerous sports, movies, series of animation and even with cameos of characters from other planetarily known sagas. Although it has been heating up in recent days with some teasers, it has not been until today that an unpublished moment has been seen so far: the Ferrari 296 GTB can now be found far and wide of the videogame map, from Ciudad Comercio, to Costa Believer.

Although this seventh season was developing with the protagonism of the animated series Rick and Morty, It has also had the recent addition of one of the great stars of sport today, LeBron James, commissioned to replace Neymar after he was present at the “Season Six” and that Harry Kane and Marcos Reus were also in the store during the Euro. Now it has been the turn to find us with the surprise that an iconic brand like Ferrari has also made a niche for itself in the popular Battle Royale.

The Ferrari’s arrival is a milestone not only for the manufacturer, but also for Fortnite itself, which had so far not had any real vehicle since the developers of Epic Games decided precisely a little less than a year ago to introduce these vehicles to their style of play. The Ferrari 296 GTB, recently presented replaces in this case the Whiplash, the one that was the sports car reminiscent of the Lancia Stratos that for months has been the reference in terms of speed for all those who were looking to get a desired Victory Royale.

Presented at the end of June, It is a hybrid sports car with a V6 thermal combustion engine qIt generates a total of 830 hp of power. Occupying the place between the Ferrari F8 Tributo and the SF90 Stradale, the brand seeks to give visibility to its new banner within the electrification that the brand will undergo, which will have its first major turning point with the arrival of the first 100% electric Ferrari for the year 2025.

McLaren, Formula 1 and NASCAR also in Rocket League:

His introduction to the video game is still a way to reach young audiences in an era in which video games have passed to be one of the most important industries among adolescents and young people, making the cinema and television lose much of the leading role. It is not the only effort that brands and championships have made to connect with the younger public.

In recent months, another of the games of eSports by excellence, Rocket League, has seen the arrival of vehicles from some of the most popular racing series on the planet, including the Stock Cars of the NASCAR or Formula 1 carsas well as the arrival of the McLaren 570 S earlier this year. In this way, it is now possible to play with this type of vehicle to do pirouettes with the aim of scoring the greatest number of goals in the opposing goal.

New times for the lyric, also in the way of promoting vehicles beyond the video games themselves driving or racing. In them, there has also been a certain feeling of exclusivity, with manufacturers keeping linked to certain franchises such as Porsche and ‘Need For Speed’, until the current openness that manufacturers live seeking to be represented in the main titles.



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