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Surprise face of Tom Cruise

American actor Tom cruise was positioned in the main trends on Twitter for its appearance.

The face of the actor from “Mission Impossible” it looks bloated and social media users couldn’t help but compare it to the recent Ricky Martin case, who seemed to have injected botox, however, the singer clarified that it was an allergic reaction to a multivitamin oil for the face.

Tom Cruise and his son Connor cruise they were seen together in San Francisco, in a baseball game that pitted the Dodgers against the Giants. After two years of not appearing publicly, the actor and his heir, both belonging to the Scientology, they starred in a strange outing that caught the attention of the media.

The 59-year-old actor was photographed with his son sitting in the stadium bleachers, where he also agreed to take pictures with fans while watching the game, keeping warm in a blue jacket while Connor sported a black and white baseball cap and a black diver. The father and son duo had been spotted by the paparazzi for the last time in October 2019 in London. At that moment, they were seen walking towards a private helicopter.

Tom Cruise’s heirs and Scientology

Connor and his sister Bella were adopted by Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman in the 90s. The actor is also the father of 15-year-old Suri, the result of his relationship with Katie Holmes, although he does not maintain a close relationship with her. On the other hand, her two oldest children “are Scientologists completely dedicated like him, ”according to People magazine.

Kidman, who does not practice Scientology, has said on more than one occasion that she loves and supports her children although she has not been able, after her divorce, to stay close to them. “I am very reserved about all this. I have to protect all these relationships. I know that I would give my life for my children because that is my purpose, “said the actress in an interview.

Cruise and Kidman separated after 11 years of marriage and their adopted children decided to stay with their famous father, to maintain with him the same passion for Scientology, a controversial system of religious practices and beliefs developed in 1954 by the American L. Ron Hubbard.

“They made decisions to be Scientologists and, as a mother, it is my job to love them. No matter what your son does, children have love and they have to know that there is love available and I am open, ”the actress told Who magazine. Despite understanding the situation, Kidman was not as present in the lives of her children as she would have liked. After her divorce from Cruise, the actress married singer Keith Urban, with whom she had two girls: Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Despite their famous parents, both Bella and Connor keep their personal lives private. Bella lives in London with her husband, Max Parker, while Connor resides in Clearwater, Florida, near their cult headquarters. While he previously dabbled in both acting and music as a DJ, he now spends much of his time deep-sea fishing and barbecue, as can be seen on his Instagram account.

“Connor has a pretty simple life in Clearwater,” a source told People magazine, who also noted, “He lives in his own home in a Scientology community. His life is deep sea fishing. He has many friends and seems very loved. “

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Connor Cruise’s makeover

Months ago, Connor made headlines for his change of look, which he showed through his Instagram account. The 26-year-old, who does not usually post too much on his social networks, has some snapshots of his life or even some of his travels.

The last photo he posted to his more than 35,000 followers dates from April this year, where he can be seen with an acquaintance holding a huge, freshly caught fish.

Tom Cruise, an absent father to Suri Cruise?

While encounters with Connor are sporadic, Cruise has no relationship with Suri, the daughter he had with Holmes. The media assure that they have not been seen for more than 7 years. The reason for this distance between father and daughter has to do, once again, with Scientology, according to Us Weekly.

One of the last times the Mission Impossible actor was caught with his daughter by the paparazzi was in 2013, a few months after the announcement of his separation from Holmes. According to Us Weekly, the estrangement is closely related to the doctrine professed by the actor. Former scientist Samantha Domingo informed the site that Cruise “is not allowed” to have a relationship with Suri because the girl is not part of his beliefs.

The ex-scientologist left the doctrine in 2004 because she did not feel comfortable with all the requirements imposed on her and assured that she knows Cruise’s case very well. “The reunion with the girl was only for appearances, some photos for the press, to show that despite divorcing he was going to cultivate a relationship with his daughter,” he sentenced.

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