Someone has checked the probability of getting something good in the Fortnite chests

I had never stopped to check how randomness worked in chests from Fortnite. While it is true that you are always looking for a legendary weapon or that object that allows you to complete a challenge, I have never had the feeling of being in front of an unbalanced system.

As expected and now collects Hypex, one of the eminences among the community of leaks of Fortnite, the weapon to item ratio it has a tight probability, with assault rifles being the most common item you can find.

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Below you have the probability list and the infographic created by the dataminer, which acknowledges having reached that data by collecting information from its games and game files.

  • Assault rifle: 43% (legendary 1%)
  • Shotgun: 22% (legendary 1.12%)
  • Submachine gun: 14% (legendary 0.4%)
  • Gun: 11% (legendary 4.4%)
  • Sniper rifle: 10% (legendary 0.69%)
  • Bandages: 17.6%
  • Small shield: 17.6%
  • Big shield: 17.6%
  • First aid kit: 16%
  • Grenades: 14.4%
  • Shield Pack: 8.8%
  • Impulse grenade: 4%
  • Harpoon: 4%

The percentage belongs to the normal games of Fortnite, so the ratios of special or competitive modes of the game could be different from what is shown here.

He also points out that, as they are not official data, some numbers could be slightly wrong, but the truth is that the figures are quite consistent with what you usually find in any normal game. We leave you with the full infographic.

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