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Seven reasons why you should play Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet. Its cartoonish appearance may make you think that it is for the youngest, but the truth is that it is enjoyed by a large number of people of all ages. It is that it is an addictive title with several attractive and unique features. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are seven reasons why you should play Fortnite.

What is it about? Here 100 players face each other online on a huge map, but from time to time it shrinks, so the last survivors are forced to fight until only one is left alive. With that description it sounds similar to other games of battle royale, What PUBG. But what differentiates it is that you must build walls and fortresses with different tools and materials to protect yourself from others.

Fortnite has managed to build a strong and growing player base, has popularized the genre battle royale and it has set the bar high regarding the additional content that a game can receive over time, in order to keep the title current and its players happy. And you, why should you play Fortnite?

1. It’s free

The most important reason is that Fortnite can be played for free, so if you like battle royale, you just have to download it on your favorite platform. There is a Battle Pass and a microtransaction system within the game with its own virtual money: V-Coins, but it is only to get cosmetic items. These do not improve weapons or increase the chances of winning a game. In this way, all players can enjoy the game and are not required to spend money on it.

2. It is available on all platforms

You can play Fortnite on the platform you want. It is available on PC, on Xbox One, Xbox X / S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch consoles, and on Android and iOS mobile devices.

On the other hand, cross play is also allowed; so if you want to play with friends who are using a different platform than yours, you can. To do this, it is enough that you and your friends have an account at Epic Games, which is free. Also, if you’re playing on PC and then moving to Xbox, you can keep any progress and purchases you’ve made with that account.

3. It is easy to learn how to play it

Epic games

In general, the controls are easy to learn. Unlike other titles with more complicated mechanics, in Fortnite you won’t spend as much time trying to figure out how to play, you will after a few games. Also, if you’ve tried other shooting games before, you’ll get used to this one relatively quickly. The tricky part can be mastering fortress building in Fortnite –a key skill in the game — but if you put in the time, you will eventually improve.

4. You can play with your friends

Seven reasons why you should play Fortnite

Play Fortnite Solo is great, but playing with friends is a completely different experience. In various games you will find yourself searching for weapons or moving across the map without encountering enemies, and at times like this it is fun to just chat or joke as you get closer to the action. Also, it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of cross-play and have someone you trust have your back in the game.

You can play with friends in Duos and Squad modes. In Duos, 50 teams of two players face each other, while in Squad 25 teams fight with four players each.

5. Receive new content constantly

Fortnite get updates with new stuff very often, including new modes, events, or map changes. Plus, with each chapter and season comes a new Battle Pass with fun challenges, new cosmetic items, and popular characters from different arenas. There is content for all tastes, from The Mandalorian even the Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. There have even been live concerts within Fortnite with a great call, from artists like Marshmello, Travis Scott and J Balvin.

6. The community of players is huge

Seven Reasons You Should Play Fortnite / Twitch

Due to the popularity of this game, the servers are always full of people eager to play. This way, you will never be left without finding a match.

In addition, the community of players is so large that you can find material about it almost anywhere. If you want to know how to execute a move, how to unlock something, or just watch someone else’s game, there are always people streaming on Twitch or videos on YouTube that you can check out. In fact, Fortnite has previously worked with Twitch to give members exclusive accessories.

7. Every game is different

Anything can happen in Fortnite. How is it a title battle royale, each game is different from the other. If you land in a certain sector and find the best weapons in the first minute, you are more likely to finish first. On the contrary, if a group of enemies fall with you and get better equipment than you before, you can say goodbye to victory.

This keeps the game cool over time and doesn’t get so repetitive. Also, since you can approach the confrontations in different ways, you can always play again and try your luck until you manage to win a game.

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