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Peacemaker is coming to the game as a new exclusive skin

While the release of this new character might still be a few months away from release, however, its addition should come at a time that makes a lot more sense. Specifically, the next character of Suicide Squad which seems likely to reach Fortnite is the Peacemaker.

This information comes from a data miner who is said to have previously reported on embedding Bloodsport to the game before their official arrival. As such, the fact that he has a strong track record and now claims that Peacemaker will come in the future, it means that there is a good chance that this will materialize.

Remember that miners are usually of great help when it comes to learning about new Fortnite content to come, sometimes this is not usually the case, in the case of Hypex we can assume that your information is truthful and from a good source since this is well known, but in the case of ShinaBR this can change.

However, as mentioned, it appears that Peacemaker’s arrival in Fortnite It might not happen until early 2022. However, the reason for this is that the HBO Max series with the character will premiere around that time. Rather than releasing Peacemaker in the near future, it appears that Warner Bros. and Dc comics would prefer to delay their incorporation to Fortnite until it can coincide with the debut of this television show. That kind of cross promotion is pretty credible and makes a lot of sense on paper.

As is usual with rumors of this type, it is important to take everything with the typical grain of salt. Given that this rumor carries some weight, though given who submitted the information, it seems like you can safely be hopeful about the arrival of Peacemaker in the future.



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