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Paramount Plus: Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke star in film about satanic cults

Paramount Plus It reached the Mexican market with a limited catalog, but with several quality options. One of his most interesting films is “Regression”, Which has the participation of two renowned stars.

The first one is Emma Watson, who As a child she had an iconic role in the memorable film saga “Harry Potter” as Hermione Granger, a highly insightful sorceress with great magical abilities. The other is Ethan hawke, who has starred in such films as “Gattaca: Genetic Experiment”, “Training Day” and “Before Sunset.”

Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson in the tape “Regression”
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What is it about?

“Regression” It is about a family with problems before the law because the daughter accuses the father of having abused her. Later the dark secrets of the family are revealed.

Among them, the relationship between the young woman’s father and her grandmother with a satanic sect that performs rituals in which there are rapes of women.

Ethan Hawke personifies the detective Bruce Kenner who seeks to unravel the heinous mysteries of the family of Angela (Emma Watson) and bring the person responsible for the sexual abuse against the girl to trial.

Why watch it?

The film takes place within an environment with great paranoia on the part of the main characters, since the detective is convinced that the satanic sect is behind him and any other who intends to unmask the organization to stop their sick satanic rituals and bring them to trial .

The paper of Emma Watson consists of a fragile and shy young woman who differs from her role better known as the sorceress of “HogwartsThroughout the film, she constantly shows her acting skills in situations that place her in great trauma for her and her family.

The film released in 2015 is directed by Alexander Amenábar, director of “Thesis” “Sea inside” and “Abre los ojos”, and is on the streaming platform Paramount Plus.

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