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Megan Fox joins the cast of Bonnie and Clyde remake

The cinema is full of crime stories, some that have reached the top of the lists of the best films and others that have even become classics. Between fictions and dramas based on real events, the exploration of those minds and lives dedicated to crime is attractive to the public; not for nothing are there so many series that have become successful that are focused on these issues.

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One of the stories that has become the favorite base of many directors or writers is that of the criminal couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who in the 1930s turned America upside down by becoming public enemies who robbed banks, small shops and gas stations. However, the public had a certain empathy with them thanks to the fact that they sought to favor the needy and mock authority by being important fugitives.

Stories as Natural Killers – 46% or Violent Times – 94%, especially in the opening sequence with the lovers of the cafeteria robbers where Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer pronounce the popular dialogue of “I love you Pumpkin, I love you Hunny Bunny”, they would refer to those unforgettable characters, but Bonnie and Clyde – 89% of 1967 would be the one that, by making direct reference to the real characters, would manage to remain one of the film classics that are still valid today.

Now a remake of that film directed by Arthur Penn, starring Warren Beatty (Lilith – 100%) and Faye Dunaway (Chinatown – 98%), but it seems that there will be some changes. The new version will be named Johnny & Clyde, and so far it has not been confirmed if there will be a change of roles or now it will be a gay couple. While the production team continues to search for the ideal pair of actors for the leading roles, Megan Fox is already confirmed as part of the cast.

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According to what it reports Deadline, the actress will take on the role of a mobster who owns a casino from which the protagonists intend to rob. Alana (Fox) will face the couple with their head of security who will be played by Tyson Ritter (Preacher – fifty%). Chad A. Verdi, who will be in charge of directing this film, released a press release where he was enthusiastic about the arrival of Megan fox.

I’m really excited for Megan to play Alana. She is a brilliant actress who will bring this character to life like no one else can. I love Tyson’s energy and can’t wait for him and Megan to be face to face.

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The director was previously involved in the production of The Irishman – 100%, and this time he will work together to direct this film with Tom DeNucci (director of Vault); in addition, production will begin in Rhode Island. Although the tapes that catapulted the career of Megan fox It was those of Transformers – 57%, it is important to recognize that they have had the ability to adapt to different genders; It is worth mentioning that she was also recently confirmed as part of the cast of the fourth installment of The Indestructibles – 41%.

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