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Matt Damon revealed “the craziest thing” he saw on his visit to Argentina

It is probably one of the faces most associated with action on the entire planet. Without fear of anything, in his multiple films, Matt Damon faces any challenge.

However, in an interview he revealed that on one occasion he experienced something that he considered “the craziest thing I ever saw in my life”. The popular actor who plays Jason Bourne, among other action characters, recounted his experience.

“The craziest thing I’ve seen without any doubt is a soccer game in Argentina. My wife is Argentina and about 10 or 11 years ago we went to spend a Christmas there. Her family’s team, Boca Juniors a popular team from Buenos Aires was playing a final. I said ‘can we go?’ “, begins the story of Damon.

At this, his wife nodded, but put a condition “without women or children”. At that moment, Damon relates that “I thought we were going to go with the children. But when I arrived I understood why”.

“Our team won and the fans of the other team were leaving the stadium. And when the trophy is finished I tell Hector ‘come on?'”explains the actor.

“And he said ‘no’ to me, because they need time for the other fans to leave the neighborhood. You have to give them about 45 minutes of advantage. It was absolutely crazy, definitely the craziest sporting event I’ve ever been to”, sentenced Matt Damon. The actor was surprised by the crowd of Boca Juniors.

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