Mark Wahlberg and his 7 secrets to being successful (and a millionaire)

Mark Wahlberg He’s already a legend in the cinema, he doesn’t have the best movies (although there are some gems in his career), but he has managed to be one of those stars who always break it at the box office with blockbusters and explosive action movies.

Furthermore, the actor is famous for his intense training routines and is even imitated by other actors, trainers, and bodybuilders when it comes to gaining muscle and getting fit. But not only that, Mark Wahlberg He is also a successful entrepreneur and has very good success lessons that anyone can and should emulate.

His career began in the 1980s, when he rose to fame under the stage name of Marky Mark, that he used in his rapper stage. Then he went to the cinema with films like The Basketball Diaries (in which he appeared alongside Leonardo DiCaprio), Fear and Boogie Nights, and eventually he will create a successful hamburger restaurant that is filled with his fans.

How did Mark Wahlberg rise to the top of Hollywood? Working hard, taking projects that he knew were going to succeed, and following a few principles with which, in addition, he managed to build a fortune with a value of around 350 million dollars (or that was the data until June 2021).

Mark Wahlberg


Keys to Mark Wahlberg’s success:

Use math

No, it is not for counting your money. This consists of analyze a project, taking into account what it can add and what it can subtract from your life. Then you should compare if the gains are greater than the losses (which do not necessarily have to be money) and use that to make a smarter decision.

Supposedly, this was the technique Wahlberg used to take the job at The departed, from Martin Scorsese. This rule helped him realize that this could have many more benefits for his career and personal life.

Trust what you know

Wahlberg says you must trust your instincts and what you know that works, both for your career and for your workouts. “I do my own routine,” he once said. “My philosophy, and this also applies to golf, is that I am not going to listen to someone who is not in better shape than me. Just like you do not want to listen to someone who is not in better shape than you. That will cause some hurt”.

Use your lowest moments to create a better plan

It’s about creating realistic and achievable goals, that little by little they allow you to grow. “I went from being a kid who dreamed of being a professional athlete to realizing that I wasn’t even going to go to high school,” said the actor. “At that point, I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll be in and out of trouble for the rest of my life.’ I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore.”

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