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John Lewis report reveals increased Crocs sales during lockdown

John Lewis has revealed his most popular items with shoppers in the last year and they reflect some of the lifestyle changes people made during the pandemic.

In the retailer’s annual report, which identifies key trends using data collected over the past 12 months, slippers were among the most sought after items, with a 13% increase in sales.

The shift towards comfortable items was also reflected in Crocs’ sales growth, which increased by 58%.

In contrast, uncomfortable items like thongs have been wildly unpopular in the last year.

Similarly, items typically associated with the office fell as many people worked from home, including ties, which dropped sales by 75%, briefcases, filing cabinets and makeup bags.

In addition, sales of travel accessories, such as passport covers, suitcases and adapters, were down.

Meanwhile, household items saw a rise, with pizza ovens and hot tubs named as popular items.

Elsewhere, sales of deep fryers increased 400%, while trampolines increased 270%.

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There was also a large increase in demand for beauty products and skin care accounted for a third of all John Lewis beauty sales.

The retailer reported seeing nearly half a million searches for skincare products in the past year, with customers becoming more interested in the vegan and organic lines.

As for the specific items that were in demand, John Lewis noted how, in November 2020, Nicole Kidman’s statement made with her clothing items on the hit drama series The Undoing caused a 49% increase in searches for colorful coats.

Meanwhile, in March 2021, the popular BBC series The Serpent, set in the 1970s, sparked a surge in demand for clothing of the time, with an increase in searches for flared jeans and aviator sunglasses.

Then, in June 2021, the retailer noticed a major spike in 1990s apparel that it attributed to the long-awaited gathering of Friends.

As for what to expect for 2022, John Lewis futurologist John Vary has predicted a number of key trends, including “nostalgia technology.”

“It’s easy to be blinded by the mass of digital content around us,” he says. “What better way to counter this than by going back to the audio and photography technologies of yesteryear?”

Another trend that Vary has predicted for the coming year is an increase in online spaces where people can spend time with friends and family.

“Hand in hand with this trend there will be an increase in the popularity and purchase of goods that exist only in the digital world,” he added.

You can see the full report here.

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Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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