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Fortnite will host various Ariana Grande concerts

Yes, you read that right, Ariana Grande concerts in Fortnite. If you are of my generation, you already have gray hair and, therefore, you will remember that games when we were children were limited to a set of pixels that were perfectly distinguished, in which the genius of their creators made up for the enormous limitations and shortcomings of the environment. If they tell us that a few decades later we would see this, we surely would not have believed it.

In a conversation between colleagues from MuyComputer, Isidro Ros made a reflection that I fully share, and that is that we are a fortunate generation, very fortunate, well we have lived the boom and the evolution of computing. From Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX, etc. to the systems we use today there is an evolution that, due to size and effects, we can qualify as a revolution. And this is something that can be seen with nostalgia, of course, but it is also more than advisable to do it with enormous optimism: first for having lived it, and second for continuing to see how it progresses.

And although I personally am not very into Fortnite (I have tried it a couple of times but it does not hook me), it is undeniable that we are talking about a game that has been able to give a twist to the online gambling formula. He has not been the first, of course, and he is not the only one, but he has undoubtedly managed to gain a prominent position among an audience, usually quite young, who in some cases is capable of spending the night awake (as we did some of us in his time) repeating, cyclically, an intergenerational and multipurpose catchphrase: «The last one and I’m leaving».

And in this story of new ideas that debuted in 2017, a new milestone is now added, and it is that throughout this weekend Fortnite will host singer Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour event, in which the artist will give five mini concerts (about 15 minutes long each). A concert of a pop star in a game is, as I said before, something that I would have been totally unable to imagine during my childhood.

And yet Fortnite scores this both in an event that has already begun and whose first screening will take place in a little less than two hours, with the change from Friday to Saturday in Spanish time peninsular. The following passes will take place at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, 4:00 p.m. on Sunday and 12:00 a.m. on Monday. All events will be similar, according to those responsible for Fortnite, and will take place on the island.

If you are a Fortnite user and want to attend any of these events (or several, there are no limits in this regard) You can register in advance but, be careful, this does not mean that you have a guaranteed place. The organization expects the servers to be saturated and recommends players to access one hour before the start of the concert to guarantee their attendance. And it is foreseeable that the assistance will be massive.

Fortnite will host various Ariana Grande concerts

It is not the first time that Fortnite hosts a concert, in April of last year the rapper Travis Scott brought together around 12 million Fortnite players in an event that marked a before and after for the platform and its managers. DJs like Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki have also been on the virtual stage. In all cases, and in this it will be the same, attendance at the concert is completely free.

Personally, it seems to me a huge success, an action that serves to demonstrate once again how far games have come and a sample that Online spaces like the one created by Fortnite are much more versatile than we tend to think. And regarding Ariana Grande, if you don’t know her, I recommend you watch this video of her appearance on Saturday Night Live. In my case, since I saw it, I admire her deeply.

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