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Fortnite: Pros Complain About Lousy Game Servers During FNCS

Fortnite: Pros Complain About Lousy Game Servers During FNCS

Xavi Mogrovejo

With a prize of $ 3 million, the Fortnite servers should work like a shot, but it seems that it did not happen during the last session of the FNCS. And the professionals, of course, complained about it.

Connection problems are always a real catastrophe in high-level competitions. And it is that having a small drop or a peak that makes you lag at a certain moment can make a game decide. In a standard or casual game, it is not the end of the world either because it is what most players are exposed to, but in a Fortnite Champion Series … things can totally go haywire.

That is precisely what part of the competitive Fortnite community is complaining about. In the last FNCS, certain professionals had to endure a disastrous server stability and a totally unacceptable connection considering that there was 3 million dollars at stake. That is something that Epic Games should have taken into account and fixed at the time, but the company missed it and therefore players like FNATIC_MOTOR they had to go through things like this:

Obviously, an incident like this cannot be solved because we are not talking about the whole game losing connection and returning to the lobby immediately, but it is clear, on the other hand, the importance that Epic Games gives to its esports section. And it is that these gave enough losses during the last year and the company prefers to focus on other things.

We’ll see if for future occasions Epic tries to take a little more care of keeping its servers in full performance so that players do not have to go through potholes like these. For the moment, it will be time to settle for what there is and hope that, as we said, things will change in the future. Although it does not seem considering that the player at the top of these lines complains in reference to the 2019 World Cup, that he already had the same problems.

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