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Fortnite: Fortnite starts an event with Venom and Carnage: find the symbiote weapons on the island

Nor we have neither a week of Fortnite Season Eight and the collaborations have already started, although this was more than announced and it seems that it does not really bring any surprise, whether to add a couple of new features to the game. The first of them, a symbiote weapon like the one we could see in the trailer of the new Battle Pass and, According to dark internet rumors, a new skin for Venom.

Where to find the Venom and Carnage Symbiotes in Fortnite?

The premiere of the new installment of Venom: Let There Be Carnage is quite close, and that is why Fortnite once again became a huge interactive billboard with its users. Not that we are complaining about the symbiote appearing in the game, but it seems that it was more in tune last season, during the alien invasion.

Carnage Venom Fortnite

POV: You have something to tell the “Fornais” Facebook group.Epic Games /

Now the players can find some containers throughout the island that open like any chest or ammo boxInside they bring black or red symbiotes: Venom or Carnage spawns, which become Matic weapons in the players’ inventory.

By taking them with them, the symbiotes grant the power to take antigravity jumps and open a glider (made of symbiote too) to cover more ground. Each hit of the symbiote deals 60 points of damage And, like a harpoon weapon, it grabs the enemy and pulls them towards the player, so it works very well in shotgun combos.

There is no specific place where the containers appearthese only emerge at random points on the map when the first storm circle forms, but s will be marked on your map on the game screen, just as it is also warned when there are improvement machines or, in due course, the Alien Artifacts.

Carnage Venom Fortnite

I am the night … uh, let me say, Carnage.Epic Games /

New Venom skin in Fortnite

Twitter user @FortTory, dedicated to giving news and leaks of Fortnite, has released the theory that Epic Games is working on a new Venom skin for the game that could include both the human character of Eddie Brock and the Lethal Protector in images more attached to what we see in the movies.

Although has no evidence other than saying that the Venom references are already in the game code, it would not be the first time that there are more than one version of the same character. At least from DC, there are 2 Harley Queens and 4 Batman, so a Venom different from the one that already exists from Marvel skins will not be impossible. For now it is just a guess that you have a month to check, because in mid-October the new Sony movie will be released.



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