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Fortnite: Fortnite has its own Among Us type game … and the people of Innersloth are not happy

ORone of the news the outsiders encountered after their v17.40 update went with the mode Impostors: a new form of game in which players enter a map in which they must complete a series of tasks, but there is a serious problem: one of them is not who he claims to be, and is in fact on the map to sabotage tasks and eliminate as many … players that he … is possible … wait, that sounds familiar.

And so they are to everyone, including (of course) the creators of that game concept. Although we might think that the people of Innersloth should be more than used to plagiarism, since since Among Us began to gain popularity, there were not a few copies of the game that began to swarm in the app stores for cell phones, by the number of players who did not think pay less than $ 100 MXN to play it.

However, those were copies of independent and almost clandestine developers in some small electronics workshop in India… not from one of the most powerful video game studios today, with an inexpensive muscle that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars just in the time you’ve been reading that note. But that was not the most unpleasant thing for Innersloth.

The most unpleasant thing is the little effort Epic Games made to develop their Imposter Mode … that is, let’s start there, the word “Imposter” is used. The Among Us programmer Gary Porter, He even showed a tweet where you can see the great resemblance between the Fortnite game map and the Skeld from his game.

“I haven’t been tweeting much recently because I’ve been working so hard developing content for ‘Among Us’. So it feels weird to re-tweet driven by something like this,” the programmer lamented. For its part, Victoria Tran, Community Director in the US for Innersloth he declared “It would have been very, very cool a collaboration, haha”.

And is that the resemblance (the robbery, rather) it is so evident that the first media reports described it as that: a collaboration between Among Us and Fortnite, which is not uncommon with Innersloth, who have done a lot of collaborations with other games like Fall Guys.

Another mode of Imposters game had been put to the test in December 2020, as part of community-created maps, and there were even a couple of Christmas missions that needed to be accomplished on that map. Epic Games has not responded to the theft allegations, and it appears they will not, but this mode of play is known to be only temporary.

At CIFNG we are very fond of Fortnite, but This situation can be easily summarized by another tweet from Innersloth co-founder Marcus Bromander: “We didn’t patent the dynamics of Among Us. I don’t think this will lead to a healthy gaming industry. Is it really that difficult to put 10% more effort into thinking to put your own spin on it?”



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