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Fortnite: Fortnite – 17.20 patch notes for today, July 20

Muchas new rumors about changes in the battle royale have circulated for a couple of days in community groups, where there is talk of alleged leaks and new features, some of which have already been confirmed by the same folks at Epic Games; after today we will be able to know them all thanks to the Fortnite patch 17.20 today, july 20.

If you were playing a normal game last night, you will have noticed that from a certain time in the morning servers went offline and prevented matching with other online players. At that point the update was installed, and this is all that was included in the game while you slept … or were you lamenting about not being able to play.

Bugha Skin and Bugha Tournament

Part of the patch was the inclusion of new items to the Fortnite store (which is not uncommon, since the store is updated every day) among which the cosmetics for Pride (LGBT + pride) and the new skin of the World Champion, Bugha.

In addition, it was included in the platform what you need for the Bugha Tournament, whose sand will start from tomorrow. Get your two friends together and they have one day to train under these rules:

Fortnite Patch

Do you want to play as if you were the Champion of the World?Epic Games.

  • When they fall on the island Storm already be closing.
  • There will be 9 different inventory sets, handpicked from the folks at Epic Games and Bugha himself.
  • Inventories will be picked up in other waiting rooms, and each one will be assigned one of them at random.
  • While you play you will win Hype.
  • The players who reign 1500 Hype, will be invited to participate in the Final Tournament, on July 28, for 100,000 USD.

New Preferred Item Spaces in Fortnite

This is one of the most anticipated features of the game. How many have not been hit by a sniper who inflicts 200 damage on them while they were quietly arranging their loot? Then now having the objects arranged will be faster and more efficient: You can anticipate where you want certain types of objects to go.

The moment this feature is activated (that is, already) so far the configuration is like this:

  • Slot 1: Assault Rifle.
  • Slot 2: Shotgun.
  • Space 3: Unassigned.
  • Space 4: Not assigned.
  • Slot 5: Consumable.

Which means that, at the beginning of the game, if you collect a Shield Pot, This one will go immediately to Space 5 of your inventory. And if you take a shotgun after that, it will go to the second space. Better still: these spaces are fully editable to suit your playing style.

Fortnite Patch

Now you can arrange your weapons as best suits you.Epic Games.

Do you usually put the bandages in the first space, next to the peak? Edit Space 1. Do you want your sniper to be in 4th position? No problem. You loot It will accommodate immediately just hold each weapon. We’ll see if this feature actually adds to the gaming experience and helps us speed up the development of games.

Fortnite Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that disabled Zip lines.
  • Fixed the problem that disabled buying Rifts.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented collecting weapons just by touching them.
  • Fixed the problem with Grimey’s skin.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the controls from responding in Arena.
  • Fixed the problem that hindered the manufacture of weapons in the inventory.



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