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‘Fortnite’ announces ‘Halloween’ event with classic monster costumes

Through social networks, it has been announced that ‘Fortnite’ will have an event to celebrate Halloween, and what better than with the suits of classic monsters: the ‘Forntinemares 2021′.

This new map that ‘Fortnite’ -one of the most popular video games of Epic games– prepare is called ‘Fortnitemares 2021‘ and some skins have been designed together with Universal Pictures.

This means that the monsters from the classic Universal films will be present in this new halloween event what have you prepared ‘Fortnite‘.

‘Fortnite’ Halloween event costumes (Epic Games)

What does the ‘Fornite’ prepare for Halloween?

According to the announcement of ‘Fortnite‘, during this Halloween event called’Fornitemares 2021′ O ‘Nightmares‘, players can jump maps, games and experiences with a Halloween theme created by the community.

But, the outfits of Halloween that will be available in the videogame store, will undoubtedly be one of the greatest attractions for all ‘Fornite’ players from Epic Games.

In addition, with the new skins that ‘Fornite’ has designed in conjunction with Universal Pictures, It is expected that classic monsters arrive of their films, such as Frankenstein, the first they have shown that will make it to the event.

‘Fortnite’ Halloween event (Epic Games)

‘Fornite’: When will the Fornitemare 2021 take place?

As revealed by Epic Games, Halloween event, ‘Fornitemares 2021 ′, will take place fromOctober 5 to 11In addition, new surprises will be revealed each week.

“Don’t forget to come back here from time to time to see the Halloween costumes that return haunting the Item Shop during October. With each arrival, one card will be turned over, while the backs of the others will provide clues as to who will be next. ”

Epic games

Although the only card that has been revealed has been the outfit of Halloween, from what they have put on and from the image, it is known that, in effect, the second character to arrive at the ‘Fortnite’ event will be the mummy.

In addition, what has attracted attention is the drawing of a sheriff’s hat, which looks a lot like the one he wears Rick Grimes from ‘The Walking Dead’, as well as the weapons he has used

This has led users to speculate that they will also reach this event ofFortnite‘Inspired by Halloween, new outfits from’ The Walking Dead ‘.

Announcement of ‘Fortnitemares 2021’ (@Fortnite_ES / Twitter)



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