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‘Fornite’ incorporates Beast Boy to fight alongside Raven

Raven She will no longer be alone in Chapter 2 Season 6 of ‘Fornite‘, the may 13th She will be joined by her friend and partner from the ‘Teen Titans’, the Beast Boy.

Beast Boy It will be available on Thursday at 7 PM (CDMX) in the ‘Fortnite’ Item Shop, with the “Titan of the Sofa” backpack and the “Bestial Bat” pickaxe.

The Titan will have the integrated gesture “Gorilla Scream” that will transform it into a primate, one of its classic forms in comics, animated series and live-action.

It will also release the skin “Garfield Logan” that shows him in a more casual style. Everything will be available to purchase separately or in a bundle.

As if this were not enough, there will be a special loading screen, where we can see Beast Boy and Raven walking around the island of ‘Fortnite’.

Beast Boy (Epic Games)

How to unlock Beast Boy in ‘Fortnite’ before its release?

As with other characters, some players will be able to unlock to Beast Boy on ‘Fortnite‘before its official release date.

This through the “Teen Titans Cup” the May 12 that will take place in ‘Fortnite’, where you can win the outfit and backpack “Titan of the Sofa”.

All who participate will get the Spray “Beast Boy and Raven”And those who achieve at least 8 points will unlock the“ Beast Boy + Raven ”loading screen.

Players will be able to be in up to 10 games within a three hour period in their region. Details will be found in the Compete tab.

To participate in the “Teen Titans Cup”, users must have two-step authentication enabled on their account and be level 30 or higher.

Players with a lower level or without authentication, will be automatically excluded; they will have to wait for 13 to get the skin.



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