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Eva Mendes reveals a detail about Ryan Gosling and his Instagram that has surprised a lot

Actors Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling They are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, but probably also the most reserved of all.

They both completely separate their family life from their careers and value highly your privacy and that of your daughters, Esmeralda, 6 years old, and Amada, 4 years old.

Eva, who has taken a break from acting in recent years, has become a very popular figure. important on Instagram, where she is very active and interacts with the ‘community’ that she feels she has created with other mothers and followers.

However, the actress is clear limits what do you want to put Regarding her family, of which she never publishes photos of her day to day life, and although she talks in general about being a mother and parenting, she does not expose her daughters or “her man” Ryan gosling in your posts.

But the thing does not stop there, because now it has surprised the reply to a comment andn the one who asked him about the ‘behind the scenes’ of his account and his life with Gosling.

How many of your photos has Ryan taken? “, asked a user.

None of the ones I publish. My friends make them for me and I do theirs. It’s a girl thing 🙂 “, clarified the interpreter, before the surprised reactions of her fans.

The only post with Ryan Gosling

It seems that Mendes is very clear the separation between life on social media and life at home.

However, a month ago he was also surprising when he published a photo with ryan after explaining why he didn’t want to upload anything from his family.

But this exception was due to a still from ‘The place beyond the pines’, the tape they fell in love with in 2011, which he rescued as a “throwback”: “Pulling a looooong ago …..”.

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