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Escape Impossible in Fortnite: the best tips and tricks to win the game

We give you the best tips and tricks so you can win the game in the new game mode called Escape Impossible from Fortnite.

One of the most original limited time modes that you will be able to enjoy in your next games to Fortnite It is the so-called “impossible escape”, a new way of allying ourselves with the rest of the companions and of facing the game, because what it is about is to survive, but without forgetting the parts of the helicopter that allow us to escape.

There is a lot of collaboration with other players, but also fights against guardians, fearsome creatures and other users that will not help us at all, and all with the idea of ​​obtaining the two rewards that we will have if we finish both available modes.

So you can win the game in the modality Impossible Escape from FortniteWe not only tell you how it works, but also the best tips to face it and be the best.

Escape Impossible in Fortnite: the best tips and tricks to win the game

The Escape Impossible limited game mode will be available until May 25 at 3:00 p.m. PST.

Keys to the game mode Escape Impossible

  • The map is with the typical fog of war and we can clear it, either by visiting the guard towers or making use of the different NPCs.
  • We must find four pieces of helicopter that will serve as an escape vehicle, and there will be several of them on the map.
  • You will start alone, but you can join other players by interacting with them when you meet them.
  • When you have the parts of the helicopter you should bear in mind that the fuel is very limited, so you may have to stop to refuel before finally escaping.


  • Loading screen “against all odds”
  • Umbrella “escapist”

Best strategy to win the game

The first thing we need to worry about is remove that annoying fog of war, and we have the option of visiting different NPCs to clear it or visiting any of the guardian towers, indicated with yellow binoculars.

It is much easier for you to visit any of these binoculars, although you will find special guards in the area.

When you meet another player, propose that he join to the group, or if they are already in a group, propose to join them. It is essential to have all the pieces and be able to leave the island.

If there is already a full squad, don’t worry, there are more players on the map.

Must take into account that there are several identical helicopter parts, with what you have to manage in the group, preferably by chat, so that the same piece is not collected because this can be catastrophic in the end.

Once the helicopter has been arranged with the four pieces, you can go to the point indicated on the map, although it is likely that you will not be able to get there first and you have to refuel.

So coordination is essential, also the luck that we find responsible users with their tasks, and obviously be as fast as possible given that time is very limited.

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