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Emily Blunt to star in film about real-life female Sherlock Holmes

Today it is common to see detective or police stories where the protagonists are women, as is the case of Olivia Benson (Mariska hargitay) from Law and order that has been broadcasting on different television channels for more than 20 years and continues to premiere new episodes with success. In other contexts it is found Vera, a British television series where Brenda Blethyn plays one of the most obsessive detectives.

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Despite the fact that these characters have been given more focus, both on television or film and in real life, the world of detectives is dominated by the male figure. But everything indicates that viewers will soon have a daring detective on the big screen played by the charismatic Emily Blunt, but she will not only be part of a fictional world, because her character was someone who really existed and set an important guideline in the world. of espionage.

This character is Kate warne, the first woman in the United States to become a detective and her fame has led her to be compared to the popular fictional character that has remained in force both in literature and in audiovisual productions, perhaps the most prominent Sherlock Holmes – 70% with Robert Downey Jr. and Sherlock – 100% with Benedict Cumberbatch. But to make this project a reality, Blunt will once again collaborate with his fellow Jungle Cruise – 70%, Dwayne Johnson.

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According to what is reported in Deadline, Amazon Studios was the highest bidder for this project and recently acquired the rights to start production as well as its distribution. The script will be in charge of Gustin Nash, the same writer responsible for The Girl of My Dreams – 65% and Who is Charlie? – 56%. So far no more is known about the cast outside of the lead, but The Rock Johnson will be involved with his production company Seven Bucks Productions.

Also the producer of the actress of Un Lugar en Silencio – 98%, Ledbury Productions, will have a prominent place alongside Kristina Sorensen Productions. It has been pointed out that the film will play with the adventure and action genres for this film, hoping for a worthy representation for such an important figure in the history of the United States. About Kate warne there is little information about his life before he became an agent.

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However, one of her most important achievements, in addition to opening the doors to the female figure in the world of detectives, was saving the life of Abraham Lincoln when he was just president-elect and it was she who discovered that there was a plot to assassinate him before taking office. According to the book The Spy of the Rebellion who wrote Allan pinkerto, who hired her in 1856, Warne was a ‚Äúdominant person, with clear and expressive features. Her face was honest, which would cause one in distress to instinctively choose her as a confidant. “

According to some texts where Kate is mentioned, she arrived at Pinkerto’s office in Chicago thanks to an advertisement in the newspaper. Pinkerto thought he was going for an administrative position since women were not contemplated in the world of espionage, but the arguments that the famous agent used to convince him worked, especially when demonstrating that women can reach points where men cannot and generate more confidence in those who are investigated, without forgetting their capacity for observation.

After having proven all these points in her first investigation, the head of the agency made her in charge of the line of female agents. Without a doubt, it will be interesting to watch the way in which they take this story and the adventures that the protagonist lived to the big screen.

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