Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, together on Netflix’s ‘Red Alert’: don’t miss the trailer! | Film and Television

After announcing all his films of the year, Netflix He has given us a sneak peek of one that looks very good. And is that Dwayne johnson (aka The Rock), Gal gadot and Ryan reynolds come together in Red alert, which already has its first trailer.

This time, these three Hollywood stars will be the protagonists of a launch that promises a lot of action and the occasional laugh. Gadot and Reynolds are the world’s most wanted criminals, while The Rock is the only one who can stop them: he is a prestigious FBI criminologist.

With this synopsis, it will be difficult to see the actress who gives life to Wonder Woman changing her role as a heroine for someone who does not stop breaking the law. We will have it easier with Ryan Reynolds, since he has us used to his thug behavior with the Deadpool costume as the most famous antihero of Marvel.

Next, the trailer of Red alert, the movie that will arrive on November 12 to Netflix. It has all the ballots to be placed at the top of the list of the application from the day it is released.

As we see in the preview, it seems that the two actors will make a curious team to try to stop the character played by her. What’s more, everything indicates that they will pass through Spain after they have shown a bullring.

In this way, everything points to Red Alert will be one of the launches of the last quarter of this 2021 that creates more expectation among subscribers of the famous streaming platform. Make a note of the release date: November 12.

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